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Weekly Sounders Poetry: The Seattle Sounders Starting XI Blues

A little early on the Sounder Poetry this week, but inspiration cannot be denied. So without further ado, I bring you:

The Seattle Sounders Starting XI Blues

We've got all kinds of problems
Now that Freddie's meeting Fred
And all these lineup issues
Are messing with my head

We've got too many wingers
And isn't that the rub?
So should our Frenchman be a starter
or a Seba Super Sub?

And there has to be a way to get
Brad Evans in the middle
'Cause Alonso really needs him
'less he doesn't; that's the riddle

And how about our fullbacks?
Riley's great and Zach's our guy
and if either one got yanked
I am pretty sure I'd cry

And the Zak Attack should start
'cause he'll be flying up the wing
but he can't defend like Seba
so that's another thing

And Taylor's finally healthy
But where the hell's he go?
With the Jamaican and el Presidente
running every show

And here's the deal, Nate Jaqua
You're six-four, so knock 'em dead!
But it isn't really working
'Cause the ball can't find your head

Sigi says it takes some time
For guys to be a team
I don't think my brain can take it
so I'm gonna have to scream

"Sigi make it happen!
Wave your wand and make the news!"
or I'll be the first fatality
from Starting XI blues

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