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Cascade Freaking Shale, and Other Color Fun

So apparently there is a website devoted entirely to listing official team colors?

I know, right? As somebody with a "let's create stuff!" background, I found this WAY too entertaining. And the worst part of it was, I found myself getting a mental picture of the people who developed these color schemes. For example:

Club Deportivo Chivas USA (2005 through present)

Franchise Colors

2006 through present: Red, Blue, Gray, White

2005: Red, Blue, Gray, White

What do you think? Straight and male, right? 100% straight and male.

How about this one?

Colorado Rapids (1996 through present)

Franchise Colors

2007 through present: Burgundy, Sky Blue, Silver, Onyx, White

2000 through 2006: Green, Blue, Gold, Gray, Black, White

1996 through 1999: Green, Blue, Gold, Gray, Black, White

I'm thinking we saw some major changes in Colorado long about 2007. I'm thinking that's also about the time Dick's Sporting Good's Park opened.

Not that there's any correlation. Or anything.

And how about our friends in Texas? I think I see a war here. A war which is very...not Texan.

FC Dallas (2005 through present)

Franchise Colors

2005 through present: Republic Red, Bovine Blue, Shawnee Silver, Lonestar White

Houston Dynamo (2006 through present)

Franchise Colors

2006 through present: Wildcatter Orange, Raven Black, Space City Blue, White

Yeah. Bovine blue. Pretty sure that's as pictured. (I have no idea. It's art. Don't question.)

Versus Space City Blue.

Blue cows vs. blue astronauts.

Yeah, seriously. Could I make this up?

So what are our official colors? I know you've figured out the Rave Green, but what else? Officially we have:

Seattle Sounders FC (2009 through present)

Franchise Colors

2009 through present: Rave Green, Sounder Blue, Cascade Shale, White

Because Cascade Shale. The secret to our success. Hell yeah.

(Thanks, Jeremy!)

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