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Polls All Over the Place: Vote on MLS Officiating, Starting Lineup, Ugliest Sounder from '74

Crack the knuckles of your voting fingers, ladies and gents; it's time to give them a workout. Here are three fun polls for your voting pleasure.

First, Dave over at Red Bulls Offside has some questions about MLS officiating, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind some outside input. Do you think MLS Officiating 2009...

-- Is awesome. Finally catching up to the worlds quality refs
-- They are ok but still prone to the occassional mistake.
-- Who cares? Stop beating the dead horse!
-- They haven't been up to par this season and need to step up.
-- HORRIBLE. They have been the catalyst to many MLS games this season already, and it shouldnt be that way! Horrendous!

So visit Dave's page and vote, then come back here and vent as desired.

Next we have our own Seattle Offside poll: What do you think we'll see in the starting lineup tomorrow?

Basically, we're all in agreement that last week didn't work. But do you think Sigi is going to give everybody more time to gel together and assume having Kasey back will work its magic? Or do you think we'll see some changes? And if you expect changes, where do you think they'll be made?

(If I have structured this poll as I think I have -- which is never a given -- this poll should allow you to select more than one option. So if you expect Nate Jaqua to get swapped out so Freddie can move up top, you can vote for both changes up front and changes in the midfield.)

And last but not least, you don't need to remember 1974 to laugh at a time when long hair with a side part and a porn stache seemed like a good idea. But who did it worst? Go to the GOALSeattle forums and vote for the Ugliest Sounder of '74.

(Normally my maternal area hates these kinds of things. But my guess would be that given the opportunity, these guys would now be voting for themselves.)

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