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Rave Green Random Items (and Some Links)

I guess I always assume that everybody who reads this page is also reading everything else I read that's Sounders-related. But since this may not be the case, here are a few things that I've seen around the Soundersphere that may be of interest to you.

  • First, thank me. I didn't say anything about Osvaldo Alonso's quad contusion, which is (crossing fingers) better now. So if I am your official Sounders source, I spared you heart failure. You're welcome.
  • And if you're looking for a little Samba to get you in the mood for the game: Samba y Sabor, Heaven Nightclub, 2nd and Washington, 3:00 onward.
  • Prost Amerika has its weekly Meaningless Statistical Guide to the San Jose Game. (Seriously, I live for these things.) Because where else can you learn that:

    Darren Huckerby’s birthday is April 23rd which is also St Georges day, the patron saint of his native England. Nobody in the Sounders squad was born in August or September.

    Fascinating yet...totally random. (In other words, probably exactly what some neurologist will one day say about my brain.)

  • Wondering how that "Eye Candy" poll came out? (Oh, come on, of course you were. You can admit it here; you're among friends.) Polls are still technically open, but it looks like Roger Levesque and Nate Jaqua are going to have to call it even. (Which is fine. Because I believe that most women do have two eyes.)
  • I love Power Rankings. Because we're #4! Except when we're #1. (That last poll apparently has a LOT of faith in Kasey Keller. Is all I can figure.)
  • Very interesting article on MLSnet about how Seattle learned from the errors on San Jose in putting together its own expansion team. (I knew that keeping USL guys would be huge.) First spotted on the GOALSeattle forums.
  • Greg Roth (Sounders Fan Inside and our first Sounders Fan of the Week, remember?) is interviewed on Link is here, April 21 report. Interview is about fifteen minutes in.
  • And, as always, we have the official traffic warning. I probably shouldn't mention here that after last game's traffic warning I had the easiest traffic I've ever had? Or that the best place to park is the $10 Safeco garage? Yup, this is me, not mentioning either of these things.

    Again, you're welcome.


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