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Seattle 2-0 San Jose, Shutout Record for Keller! (And Somebody Get Fredy a Double Dose of Mojo, Stat!)

That winning feeling, again! I know I'm reporting from the Department of the Obvious, but are these games not a lot more fun when we win? The feeling you get at the end when you're waving your scarf and the players are making the rounds of the field... Warm fuzzies all 'round.

Random thoughts:

  • Kasey Keller. Wow. Nothing against either Dragavon or Eylander, but Keller is a rock! Five shots on goal, five saves. There is nothing that gets past this guy, and it affects the confidence of everybody on the field. And his shutout streak is now at 389 minutes! MLS RECORD!!!
  • I guess we've solved that Le Toux-or-Zakuani conundrum. I was heartbroken to see Seba not starting, but it was the right choice. And he was fantastic as a sub -- a burst of energy when it was needed.
  • On the other hand, Nathan Sturgis didn't convince me that he's an upgrade over Zach Scott, although he did get better as the night went on. But is it really too much to ask to have just one USL Sounder as a starter?
  • Fredy Montero needs a big hug and a dose of self-confidence, served up with a huge dish of Newfound Mojo. I could just feel his frustration building as the match went on. All it would take would be one perfectly-placed goal like the ones in the first two games. C'mon, Fredy, you can do this!
  • I pretty much almost always love our defense, particularly Marshall and Hurtado, who continue to amaze me. Particularly when they're backed by Keller. And it was good to see James Riley having a good game tonight to recover from the own goal last weekend.
  • Freddie is starting to look like the million dollar man.
  • Only real negative of the game: Eleven shots, but only three on goal. But when two of those go in, you really can't complain too much.
  • And Osvaldo Alonso moves one yellow closer to a suspension. That thought frightens the hell outta me, even though he wasn't quite 100% tonight.
  • I'm pretty sure Nate Jaqua will someday score with his head. Probably even, y'know, this season. (But he is getting much better with the rest of his body. And that header thing will come. Right?)
  • And Brad Evans, I'm sorry I ever doubted you. Maybe not quite as natural on the wing as in the middle, but you pretty much got the job done that you were sent in to do. (P.S. The young lady behind me thought you were dreamy. I credit CosmoGirl.)
  • Speaking of which, Frank Yallop is a lot better looking in person. (Not that I, y'know, notice that kind of thing. Or anything.) And it was kind of nice to see Sigi come over to have a long chat with him during the warmups.

And in closing: What a win. Everybody needed this. GO SOUNDERS!

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