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Going to the Open Cup Game? We NEED You!

Heading to the US Open Cup game at Starfire? Color me jealous. Today's my husband's birthday, and he's... Well, let's just say that he's not a fanatical fan like some members of the family. (Or maybe it's just one member of the family. I lose count.) For some reason he actually prefers going out for a nice dinner to celebrate rather than battling the traffic to freaking Tukwila to see a second game in a week.

(I know. Boggles my mind, too.)

But what this means is that I, and everybody else who doesn't have tickets, will be adrift here, just waiting for information. No tickets, no TV or video coverage that I can see, no local radio coverage that I can find. All we've got so far is Salt Lake-based audio. Which is obviously better than nothing and can be found here.

So if anybody reads this who is going to the game and is addicted to his/her PDA, we'd love it if you'd send us text updates to the comments here. Let us know the starting lineups and key plays, kind of like Galaxy fans did for their USOC play-in game.

Of course with only 4000 going, I know the chances of this happening are not huge, but you'd really make my day if you could make it work. So...thanks?

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