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Sounders 4-1 RSL (and How Mike at GoSounders Probably Saved my Marriage)

Mike over at GoSounders saved my marriage. I'm pretty sure.

The story is, I went out with my family for my husband's birthday. (It killed me to miss this game, but I think I covered it pretty well.) Had a nice celebration, got home about 9:00, immediately went to the computer to read about the game. And since Mike had stopped by this site and mentioned that he'd be text-updating his site as the game progressed, I went there first.

Got to the page and immediately scrolled to the bottom and found the score. 4-1 Sounders! I was scrolling up to find the goalscorers (I made it through Le Toux and King) when my power zotzed out as part of some massive outage. Then it stayed out till well after I was in bed. I don't even want to think about what I would have been like if I hadn't seen the score first.

Mike, my family thanks you.

And now, about the game. Starting lineup from what I can tell, with possible reversals of the guys in the middle.

--------Le Toux - Levesque-------
Zakuani - King - Ianni - Nyassi
Scott - Wahl - Graham - Riley

In other words, only two starting holdovers from Saturday's game -- Zakuani and Riley. Yikes! (I've read that RSL had five regular starters, although there's some talk that this is an iffy figure, kind of like if we said we had four starters because Le Toux and Scott were there.)

Goals by Le Toux (pen), Nyassi, King and Le Toux again. (Allez, Séba!!)

Oh, and some RSL guy.

So I'm thinking we can now officially say we have depth. (Although I wish I could have seen it with my own eyes.) I am also mildly depressed that Roger Levesque didn't put one away. But reviews are saying he played really well, had at lesat one assist, and it was great to have him up top with Le Toux again. And I'm also wondering if Le Toux's potential is wasted in the midfield. (He was the top scorer in the USOC last year, and maybe even the year before if I'm remembering correctly?) And I'm reading that when Jarrod Smith subbed in he looked on top of things as well.

(Jaqua and Montero must not have enjoyed tonight very much.)

And did I see that Taylor Graham had the captain's armband? Nice touch. From comments, I take it that it was reallly good to have him back.

For fun recaps, be sure to check out GoSounders -- "liveblog" is here (all the more impressive for having been done by text), and the postgame recap is here. Also check out the Seattle Times blog, Seattle Soccer Examiner, Next Season Sports' recap, and the Seattle Soccer Talk forums, starting page 3 or 4. (I always love reading through forum messages of people who are watching/listening to games simultaneously. It makes it so much more...immediate.)

Locale of next and final play-ingame with Colorado to be decided by coin toss.

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