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Montero Claims He Was Set Up by a Gold-Digger

Latest on the story from Jose Romero at the Times, who got it from a Colombian news source:

The report basically quotes an agent of Montero, Helmut Wennin, as saying that the allegations of rape Montero faces "is a matter of a woman trying to get famous at the expense of the young goal scorer."

More from Wennin: "Fredy hasn't done anything that any 21-year-old wouldn't do, and that's having a physical relationship. As I understand it, the woman showed up in the early hours of the morning at his apartment on one occasion, and that doesn't speak well for her. It seemed like Fredy didn't want to continue the relationship. She didn't accept it and now she's trying to get him back."

And in the meantime, we're all still waiting for the police to do their job, given that they have both sides of the story.

(And by this I mean absolutely no disrespect to Jose, who has gone out of his way to stay neutral and just report.)

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