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And While We're on the Topic of Excellent Videos...

And lo, another rivalry is born.

From the video creator:

A fanbase who can not stop throwing things at players and can't be bothered to stick around after their team goes 2-0 down at the half had the audacity to say that they were going to show our team what a "Real football atmosphere is like."

Perhaps they'd like to come to Qwest field to see first hand what a real atmosphere is like in a real stadium, not the glorified high school stadium their team currently plays in.

We were told our team couldn't possibly win on the road, in "MLS's Most Hostile Atmosphere", without Fredy Montero.

Check the score.

To Toronto FC fans and the whole damn league:

The Sounders haven't lost a game.

The Sounders haven't allowed a goal.

The Sounders have the best fans.

The Sounders have the best home field atmosphere.

The Sounders have the best team.

Keep on hatin' and we will keep on winning.

Your hate only makes us stronger.

Sounders til I die!

(Thanks, Travis!)

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