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Be Our Seattle Sounders FC Fan of the Week!

I've been wandering around the blogosphere today and seeing absolutely nothing goin' on anywhere. I mean, y'know, except for everybody in the universe telling Seattle how great they are. And we as sports fans know from recent experience how that can get old.

Oh, wait. This is Seattle. No we don't.

Actually, all of this attention is making me kind of nervous, although I think Sigi is levelheaded enough to keep it from going to the guys' heads.

But to get my mind off the hype, and to pull us (meaning me) out of our my midweek doldrums, I'm thinking we need a "Fan of the Week" contest.

In short: I want to know about you guys. I want to know who you are (first name or nickname okay) and how you came to be a Sounders fan, who your favorite player is, and what's impressed you most about the season so far. And anything else you want to tell me about your love affair with Seattle Sounders FC.

I will choose a Fan of the Week mostly at random. (Although a photo of you loving the Sounders might move you a little closer to the top. Just, y'know, fyi.)

Winner will probably be announced on Saturday morning. He/she will get one of my truly amazing Seattle Offside Certificates. Kind of like the one shown under the jump, from the preseason. Except mostly different. And probably without the female ninja, although if that's the way you run I'm pretty sure I can be bought.

So if you want to be our Fan of the Week, (and truly, who wouldn't?) please, please drop me a note -- laurie[at]theoffside[dot]com.

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