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Photoshop Contest: Have Some Fun with These Photos of Referee Tim Weyland

Sorry for not doing an earlier post-game rant -- I just got home. And even hours later, I am still knocked senseless by the refereeing, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.

(Hey, Mr. Weyland? Honey? When you have to be escorted off the field by armed guards in a good-natured city like Seattle, it's a pretty good sign you screwed up in a big way.)

Rather than just whine about it, though, I thought I'd turn it over to you. Here are some photos of our man of the hour, referee Tim Weyland. If you and Photoshop want to do something fun with them, I can't stop you, can I?

(Although I'm not actually sure why I'd want to. Satire is the revenge of the powerless, and we fans were utterly powerless today to stop this farce. Now it's your turn to make your voice heard.)

We probably shouldn't incite actual violence, but scenes of humiliation could be tons of fun. Alter these, or add captions, or find some of your own.

In other words, have your way with Mr. Weyland, then send the results to me at laurie[at]theoffside[dot]com.

And please forward this link to every Sounders fan/technogeek you know. In this city there are a lot of people who could do great things with this! I'll give you till Friday, but will post them as they arrive, so keep checking back.

More photos below the jump. Or feel free to leave links to your own in the comments.

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