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Our First Batch of "Bad Referee" Photoshop Photos

We'll keep posting these as long as you keep sending them. (It's really cathartic. Trust me. You'll enjoy it.) Send anything you've got to laurie[at]theoffside[dot]com.

As always at Seattle Offside, good taste is optional. But again, please don't incite actual violence. (Humiliation, on the other hand, is grand.)

Thanks for getting into the spirit and helping us recover from the fiasco of yesterday's game.

First, a photo from Steve at Seattle Futbol. Can't argue with this!

(Editorial comment: Does the facial expression just make the photo or what?)

Second, a photo from Derek, which I'm pretty sure is what actually happened.

And third, from me, who has no Photoshop skills (or even any Paint skills) and must rely on captions:

"Shut up, Paulo. I said I didn't like your deodorant, and that's final. Now get out of here or this thing is turning red."