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Some Fun Match Photos and Video

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All righty, let's talk about something besides Tim Weyland, shall we? Here are some photos and videos from the match.

(We really love it when you guys send and/or give us permission to post your photos and videos. Please keep them coming -- laurie[at]theoffside[dot]com and seattle[at]theoffside[dot]com.)

First a few photos from the Flickr files of theav8er45. (Be sure to click on the link -- there are lots more.)

The Warriors, Preparing for Battle
(little did they know...)

"That's okay, dude. I don't need that ankle! I've got another one!"

"Hey, Freddie, want to stop by later for some dinner? The wife's making up a stir-fry."

In a raging fit of first-touch jealousy, Alan Gordon attempts to relocate Hurtado's waist.

And let's end with another great video from "previously taped," shall we? Enjoy!