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Poll on The Forward Dilemma: Who to Start Up Top Against Dallas

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Okay, moving forward. FC Dallas. The Hoops. Remember these guys from US Open Cup, 2007? I have been none-too-fond of this team ever since that night. Not because they beat Seattle, but because of the way they did it. (Speaking of cards that should have been awarded for diving and time wasting.)

(Oh, wait. We're moving on from LA.)

So we have several options up top. Start Nate Jaqua with Fredy Montero like the early season. Start Jaqua with Sebastien Le Toux like Sunday. Start Le Toux with Montero. Or somehow insert Jarrod Smith into the mix. Or... [fill in the blank.]

There are some issues that I think would come up with Jarrod Smith. First, I think he may be reinjured. (Anybody? I think I read a tweaked hamstring last week?) Second, I'm not exactly sure how he gets on the roster, given that we have too many senior players.

The rules allow for 24 players, which is what we have, but four of those players have to be developmental, i.e. paid a developmental salary of $20,100 and be under 25, like Sanna Nyassi, or be Generation Adidas, like Steve Zakuani. Smith is 24 and listed as making $37,800. And MLS rules say that putting somebody else with a short-term injury on injured reserve to make room isn't an option unless we want to plan on him being out for at least six weeks.

I have to say, the Seattle roster has been a mystery to me all year long, given that we have 24 players and only two listed as developmental -- Nyassi and Zakuani. Can somebody explain this to me? Do we have another player in injured reserve? Pete Vagenas, maybe? (And is there an official listing of injured reserve players somewhere that I've missed?) And what's the plan for the long term? That we'll always have two players injured? Or are we demoting a couple of senior players?

I wasn't at the Open Cup match, so I haven't seen Jarrod Smith play, but those who were there seem to have come away impressed. Is he a starter? Or should we go with the known?

Tell us with your vote in the poll. (And if you said "other," tell us what you'd like to see in the comments.)