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I have been too frustrated to follow up that last game with a post. It has taken me two days to calm down. Watching replays on FSN has not helped either. We should have walked away from that with 3 points and a blowout victory, but somehow managed a tie. I guess that is just the way that soccer works some times.

Yup, it was just like this...

Props to Dallas for stymieing us in the second half and doing a better job limiting our goal scoring opportunities. Andre Rocha is a great player and a guy I wouldn't mind seeing in a Sounders jersey next year. However, his goal was obviously offside and that was a pathetic job by the line judge not to pick that one up.

Fredy Montero looked a lot more active in coming back for the ball, but still was taken out of the game as Dallas defenders keyed on him. I would think this would allow the goals to fall to Nate Jaqua more, but he just simply has not produced.

Watching Steve Zakuani destroy people from the left wing makes me wonder how teams would handle him and Montero paired at striker. They could not cheat on defense with those two up top. Furthermore, he spends half the came moving so far up the field he nearly becomes a full-blown forward.

Anyways, the string of draws must stop. We are a better offensive team than this.

If you need to, now is the time to vent....