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Live Blog, Seattle Sounders @ Chicago Fire

Live blog of Fire v. Sounders

19' Just got MLSnet working.... the post just saved us.. where is the D?
21' Knocking the ball around nicely, calming down.
22' Beautiful ball by Blanco to Ward.... Sigi was right about him being a butterfly
22' Alonso breaks up Fire build up
23' Chicago is packing it in, 9 man back
24' Montero finally gets his first touch
25' Nice move by Montero, Segaris closes him down. Cross from Zuakiani, nicely cleared by Segaris
26' Blanco is playing a roving MF role and wreaking havoc, luckily only in the midfield so far.
27' Alonso makes a curical interception, Seattle goes ont he counter.
27' Ljunberg puts it behind Montero
28' Nyorka gets a beautiful long ball form McBride, connects with Thorington inside the 18 who muddles it with an akward first touch
29' Shot, but right at Keller. Chicago is coming straight down the middle of our defense. We look flat.
30' Marco Papa whips in a cross toward the near post, Hurtado clears it
31' Seattle is sitting too far back to attack effectively or clear the ball
31' Rileys cross is cleared and falls to Stevey, who flashes a cross in front of the far post... no one there to connect.
32' Great last minute clear by Marshall. Seattle seems to be opening up a bit, loosening up the Chicago attack by attacking down the flanks. Chicago giving nothing, not even an inch of space to Freddy Montero or Nate Jaqua
34' Too much room to break out of the midfield there for Segaris. Someone needs to step to him.
35' Hard Foul by Soumare on Montero, about 30 yards out on the wing. Evans will take it. Wasted and then knocked back in.. Great defensive football by Chicago.
37' Cross swung in by Evans from the right flank is cleared yet again.
37' Hard foul by Ljunberg
38' Nice Move by Chicago cleared by Hurtado, Seattle to the counter attack.
39' Seattle's best offensive move of the night. Zakuani draws two defenders and tries to slip it through to Montero. Busch gets to it first.
40' Seattle dodges a bullet. Beautiful low cross to McBride who is fractions of a second behind it.
40' Still no shots by Seattle.
42' Seattle on their heels. Fire attacking on both flanks, combining well.
43' Freddy gives it to Nate on the right wing, deep in Fire's half. He gives it away easily, Fire back in control, not time for the Sounders to breathe.
44' Ljunberg strips the ball on the touch line. Cross just touched over Montero's head. Chicago counter attacks ends in a cross by Blanco into the side netting
45' Kasey trying to calm the troops down.
46' Cagey play by Ljunberg to let the ball go out. Corner for Seattle. Big moment?
46' Nothing doing. Ljunberg puts it right on Nate's head, who puts it about 57 feet over the goal.

First Half: We are lucky to be in a tie game right now. Chicago cannot get that last movement to come together. If they could, it would be about 3-0 right now. We have loosened Chicago's D a bit, but not enough. Nate and Montero need to do more to get the ball without their back to the goal. Overall, good effort in the last 18 by the defense. They are keeping us in this game so far.

I would like to see Zakuani moved to the forward spot and maybe get Nyassi on the wing and use his speed to gain more penetration against Chicago's packed defense.

Game Stats
Seattle Sounders FC Chicago Fire
Total Shots: 2 8
Shots on Goal: 0 2
Total Saves: 2 0
Fouls: 4 3
Offsides: 1 1
Corner Kicks: 1 2
Yellow Cards: 1 (Marshall, 1') 0
Red Cards: 0 0

Second Half

46' Here we go. No changes I can see.
46' Brad Evans makes a good run down the right side and draws a foul. They look more agressive.
47' Sturgis to take the kick. Good cross. Goal kick to Chicago.
48' The announcer must really like McBride. He wont stop praising him.
48' Blanco caught offsides.
48' RED CARD for Montero. Freddy is ejected for a pretty marginal elbow to the face. I just dont see that being a red card. It was more ofn a lifting off his arm than a swipe. Segaris did a great job selling it. I understand trying to keep the players calm, lets see if this makes Seattle even more aggressive.
52' Nice defense again by Chicago
53' Nice Cross by Evans. Broken up by Chicago
54' Sturgis saves a goal by heading away Blanco's cross. Corner for Chicago, their first. Cleared away.
55' Keller draws a yellow. Soumare carded for unsporting behavior.
56' LeToux enters for Steve Zakuani. Another big body up front or to help with the coming Chicago assault?
56' You can feel Chicago slowly taking control off this game. Not letting Seattle get any momentum with the man down.
59' Beautiful move to win a corner. Le Toux makes an immediate impact with a run down the left flank. Ljunberg takes the corner. Busch captures it easily.
60' Keller showing his veteran grit, gobbling up Chicago's crosses
61' Dangerous ball from the Midfield, Nyakro caught offsides, or was he?
61' Seattle applying a bit of pressure of their own. Evans looks more effective on the wing.
62' Poor clearance by Marshall results in a shot form just outside the 18 by Tim Ward. Blocked by Hurtado.
63' Free kick from the left flank for Chicago. Blanco to take. Cleared by Marshall, reaction shot well wide form Thorrington
64' Le Toux caught offside.
66' Chicago's first sub Thorrington takes a seat and Chris Rolfe takes over.
66' Nyorka's cross is deflected off a Sounder's defenders, but Chicago keeps the pressure on. Good thing the Seattle D is organized today.
67' Chicago is throwing everything forward, but can't seem to break down Seattle so far.
68' Goal Chicago, 1-0. Marco Pappa takes the cross from Blanco at the 18 and one times it past Keller's fingers. He nearly got to it. The pressure pays off and Seattle is really on the hot seat now. Can they answer?
71' Segaris goes off hurt, lead to the locker room by two trainers. Not sure what happened... cramps maybe?
72' Chicago Substitution: Brandon Prideaux comes in for the injured Segaris.
74' Evans wins yet another corner. 3rd for Seattle.
74' Ljunberg takes it...... GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Sounders, 1-1. The corner falls to Tyrone Marshall who buries it in the side netting with his left foot. Salvation for the big Jamaican after being schooled by Blanco?
77' That was an example of why you sign veterans like Marshall, coolly taken, well placed and timely. Seattle looking like they have 11 men again, taking it at Chicago again.
79' Chicago knocking it around the back, trying to take control of the game again. Long ball up field somehow goes out for a corner, their 4th. Taken short by Blanco. NEARLY A GOAL by Blanco, no one was marking him but Keller was in the right spot.
80' Marshall with another last second clear of yet another beautiful ball from Blanco.
81' Sounders regain possession, Chicago putting plenty of pressure on the midfielders, forcing a turnover. Foul on Blanco against Sturgis. He yells to g-d to ask "WHY????!!!"
82' Substitution for Seattle. Stephen King, striker, comes in for Ljunberg. This is King's first appearance and his first touch goes out for a goal kick.
83' Near chance for McBride bounces into Keller's steady hands.
83' Cross by Nyarko straight to Keller
84' Seattle is moving the wrong way. Chicago's pressure is giving the midfield no time to look for a pass upfield.
84' Foul by Alonso on Prideaux. Dangerous with Blanco from 40 yards, but straight to Keller who makes an awkward catch.
85' Corner for Chicago off the counter.
86' Blanco takes corner, hits it to the 18 where the balls is banged around until cleared for a throw in. Awarded to Sounders... scratching my head on that one.
87' More pressure by Chicago. Blanco takes a crack from 25, just high. Can Seattle hold on to the tie?
89' Corner, Marshall clears another cross over the touch line. He has to be player of the game. Blanco hits it, cleared for a throw in. Riley clears for another Chicago corner
90' Blanco's cross safely in Keller's hands
91' 4 minutes of stoppage time. Throw in by Sturgis wasted. Sounders are playing for a tie, don't blame them.
91' Nyarko caught offsides again. My heart skipped a beat there.
93' Clearance falls bak to an attacking Chicago
93' Another wasted long ball from the back by Seattle, content to absorb the attack and hold on for a tie.
94' Altercation between Riley and..???? Yellow for Riley.
94' This is it, free kick for the Sounder from inside their own 18.
95' The final whistle blows, you have to be happy with the result. Marshall is clearly the player of the game and Sounders get their first point on the road.

Chicago fans who aren't watching the bulls must be disappointed with another miss opportunity by the Fire.

Player grades tomorrow.

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