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The Refs

It is sickeningly surprising that the ref last night was not the worst one we have had to watch in QWest. Either way, they did not play TOO decisive a role in the game as Weyland did, but instead could not really decide on a consistent standard to call the game by.

On that note, here are a few quotes from Sigi from the post-game press conference.

From Sounders FC v. Colombus Crew

On the team's focus:
"I thought our focus was a problem... There is only so much focus and energy we have in a game and if we expend it on the officials then we will end up with results like this."

On Marshall's Ejection:
"I was just as far away form it as you guys but Marshall was jockeying for position of the ball and there was an elbow thrown, but like I said I didn't see it.

On the indirect free kick:
"People might see it as a good scoring opportunity but what happens is that the defenders have to be 6 yards away which would be right on the goal line. It's something the referees never enforce so when the ball is hit usually no one is on the goal line.

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