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SoundWave Moves North, and We Avoid Murder and Mayhem

If you don't understand the conflict between SoudWave, Drew Carey's dream marching band, and supporters groups like the ECS, here's what I want you to do. Hit "play," at the same time on both of the following videos. (You may want to turn down the sound on the ECS one for a more accurate representation, because from a pure decibel standpoint, brass and drums tend to trump voices.)

Okay, are we ready? Go!

See the problem?

To their credit, so did the Sounders FO. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth and frustration among all parties, SoundWave will be moving to the North End, below the Hawk's Nest. Which, for a neutral like me, seems like an adequate compromise.

I love ECS and supporters groups in general, even though I'm entirely the wrong demographic to join up. But as somebody who feels music, I love the band, too. I mean, how can you not love Samba de Janeiro? (The linked video is a Ronaldinho compilation. I could have given you scantily-clad women and the same song, but I was struck by an unusual and somewhat awkward attack of maturity. Sorry.)

The best part of the March to the Match is that it involves both. So over the past few weeks, I've been following along as the disagreements between the two sides progressed and thinking, "Damn. I like both sides. How can they both win?"

This might be the answer.

Also, check out the link above, a (not the Samba one, the other one), GoSounders post. Especially read the comments, like this one, which I agree with entirely:

I like the band, but I don’t think they have found their role yet. They provide a great atmosphere for the march to the match, but I don’t think the entire band should play during the run of play. That said, I think ECS failed to take advantage of having the band next to them. We can hear the horns and drums from the band all over the stadium. ECS and the band could have coordinated to start whole-stadium chants and songs using one or two horns or the drums. Other than this, the band should play pre-game, half-time, post-game, and maybe after goals.

More compromises in order? What do you think about all of this?

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