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Pretty Much the Best News Item Ever (UPDATED)

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Picked this up over at the ECS site this morning. It's still making me smile:

First, the request: please leave the "Let’s Go Fucking Mental" scarfs at home from now on. The Front Office is being graceful this weekend and will hold the scarfs for any supporter that brings it in Lost and Found. For any ECS member that needs a new ECS scarf - we should have them by Sunday and they will be available for purchase for $10. Remember, the "Mental" scarfs violate the terms of conduct so we have no ground to fight for them.

Like I said. Made me smile.

I love ECS. I love our Front Office. I love that they seem to be working together to make the game experience the best possible for as many people as possible.

That is all.

P.S. I looked but couldn't find a photo of the scarf. If you have one, send it to me at laurie[at]theoffside[dot]com and I'll post it here.

UPDATE: The awesome MH has provided me with a couple of partial pictures so we can get the idea. Still looking for a photo of the complete scarf if anyone has one.