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Because Nothing Says "Happy Mother's Day" Like a Hangover and 18,000 Thundersticks

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Here's the scenario I am imagining being repeated across Puget Sound come Sunday:

You take your beloved mom out for a special Mother's Day brunch. She has a nice meal, maybe a couple or four mimosas, gets a pleasant little buzz on, and you are her favorite child in the universe.

Then you take her to her first Sounders game. Oh! Excitement! You find your seats, the intoxicating effects of the morning start to wear off, a little headache sets in as kickoff approaches...

And then the game begins, and she's greeted with the noise explosion that can only come from 18,000 thundersticks.

A word to the wise, boys and girls: If you're working on making sure that the heirloom silver goes to you instead of your bitchy younger sister, you may want to get the will signed and witnessed before the game. Is all I'm sayin'.

A side note from council member "yamsmos" over at GoSounders.

so as a responsible council member, i just got done talking to the FO about it.

i said, we have an amazing atmosphere, why ruin it with thundersticks?

their very honest response was essentially this. (and i am paraphrasing a bit).

“thundersticks do not fit our brand and you will not see them after this match. they were ordered 6-8 months ago as part of a match day sponsorship. at the time they were ordered, the match day atmosphere was an unknown. ”

So at least there's that, right?

Now try explaining that to your mom and her hangover.