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Link to an Interview with Fredy Montero (and our Spanish and English Press Link up)

So I've been swapping emails today with Steve, the editor over at ProstAmerika, and I think he has a couple of stories today you'll be interested in.

First, the general one. His site is going to be working with La Raza to keep everybody informed on our team, regardless of what language they speak. (Well, okay, maybe not Serbian. Or Swahili. But definitely English and Spanish.) This is good news for English speakers, since now we'll have access to anything going on with three of our more interesting players, Fredy Montero, Osvaldo Alonso and Jhon Kennedy Hurtado.

Second, and probably bigger news: to start this all off, an interview with Fredy Montero.

Fredy Montero Keeps His Head Up at a Time of Adversity

(See, I told you you'd be interested.)

After reading this, I'm thinking that I'm really rooting for this kid. And that if I spoke Spanish, I'd totally volunteer to be his American mom.

Fredy left smiling, his handshake always friendly and sharp; leaving the message that he is confident, and especially confident he can beat adversity.

After reading this, I'm a little more confident myself.

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