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Cutest Video Ever, Part II

Okay, so the Sounders draw thing may be starting to get worrisome. So our team may feel like it's on life support due to an Alonso-shaped hole in its midsection. And we finally got a penalty, only to whiff it.

But at least we still have adorable videos to make us smile.

Check out little Dec-O and his family as they take in another Sounders FC game.

Personal P.S.: I'm going to be mostly taking a break from blogging for the next few months. My older son has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately a very treatable kind, and he's a very strong, healthy guy, but cancer is never easy on anybody and we're probably dealing with months of chemo and/or very intense surgery.

What this means is that Steve will be the one keeping you entertained and informed here on Seattle Offside. You can reach him with anything at seattle[at]theoffside[dot]com.

I'll still be around, stopping by frequently to read and comment, and will be writing up the occasional fun, easy post like this one. But it will be Steve doing all of the heavy lifting. (Like the Jhon Kennedy Hurtado interview that will be going up very soon.)

Obviously, any positive thoughts and prayers you can send my son's way are coveted. And you can still reach me any time for any reason at laurie[at]theoffside[dot]com.

Go Sounders!

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