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Live Commentary From The QWest Field Press Box

So, Sounders hold on for the 2-1 win against a very unimpressive San Jose squad. They did a lot of things better this week, but still seemed to focus a bit too much for anyone's liking on the refs. Either way, it is 3 points and a good start to the home stand. Man of the match honors for Mr. Ljunberg.

Thank you to those who followed along and those who read the blog. See you on Wednesday for DC United!!!!

93' Freddie has some words for the San Jose defenders and then receives a yellow card. Another stupid yellow to end the game for Seattle as the final whistle blows.

91' 3 minutes of extra time ticking away for San Jose. Free kick for Keller from the Sounders 18. Yellow card to number 17, Chris Wondolowski. Not too bad of a foul but maybe the 12th hes committed this game.

90' Aaron Pitchkolan literally tackles Levesque out of bounds with his arms. That would have been a personal foul in football football, but somehow the sideline judge missed that happening 2 feet from him. Gotta give credit to the refs for keeping cards to a minimum inn this game. There have been quite a few fouls.

89' No sure what just happened in front of the San Jose goal, but a lot of guys went down and Alonso nearly had a shot. A tough foul committed on Ljunberg yet again, who made a nice run down the left sideline.

87' Alonso looks active, which is a nice sign. Beats two San Jose midfielders before playing an errant ball to Le Toux.

86' Another Sounder is down, and he looks very hurt. Marshall is crawling around on the ground. I don't think he is just wasting time as he has a look of agony on his face. Goes off on the stretcher to applause. Nathan Sturgis looks ready to replace him.

84' San Jose is forward in big numbers. Marshall with a solid clearance for the throw. Ball takes a few bounces before nearly finding net. Sub- Pablo Campos replaced Ryan Johnson.

83' Wahl is nowhere near the substitute as Johnson's pass has just a bit too much weight to put him in clear on goal.

81' And another corner for Seattle. That is number 11. San Jose subs in Quincy Amarikwa replaces number Michael Zaher. Trying to get that equalizer.

78' Ljunberg goes down hard, San Jose took way too long to do the right thing and play it out. He's back on his feet tho.

77' Roger Levesque replaces Steve Zakuani, none to present in the second half. King is now out left with Levesque manning the right flank.

75' QWest erupts as Alonso comes in for Montero. Freddie Ljunberg moves up to Montero's forward spot. King slides wide left with Alonso and Evans manning the middle.

74' Keeper comes out to break up the play to Le Toux. King goes for goal from midfield on an intercepted pass. Well wide.

73' Riley slides in to intercept a square pass, but is called for the handball. The official yellow cards Montero. Shut your mouth Fredy.

72' Trading possession in the midfield. Johnson is in on goal, sits Ianni down, but he recovers to tackle the ball away and get out of pressure.

71' Freddie on the breakaway tries to slip it to Le Toux, who cannot get to it before Joe Cannon. Foul after foul after foul by San Jose's attacking players. Marshall was the victim this time.

70' More sloppy fouling by San Jose.

68' Sounders now pinned back in their own half. Goal by San Jose, 2-1. Sloppy defending and a nice cross leaves Keller helpless as Huckerby comes in to the box with Wahl sorta just standing there watching him.. Poor, poor defending. Keller is gonna go incredible hulk soon.

66' Long kick goes out of bounds. San Jose throw.

65' Tonight's attendance 28,999. King strips the ball and plays the pass too hard to Le Toux. What a shame. Offsides on Johnson. Keller to take the free kick.

63' Montero tries the back heel on Darren Huckerby... yea, right. San Jose back on attack but a well-timed tackle from Ianni stops them in their tracks. Le Toux taken down hard on a header from 35 yards out.

62' Marshall pulls down Corralles. Free kick for San Jose. Off ball foul wastes an opportunity.

61' Offside called on Le Toux. The first of the game for the Sounders. Fairly surprising considering how often they have been attacking.

60' 2-0 Sounders. Let's see how San Jose reacts... not too bad but the shot from Huckerby is too high.

59' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! A deflection off the corner leads to an easy goal for Montero, who buries it from a yard out. Assist to both Ljunberg and Ianni with the header.

58' Freddie earns another corner for Seattle. 7 in the first half and 3 so far this half.

57' A bit better from San Jose. A bit more pressure. Now Keller is down after a collision with Ryan Johnson, who seems to be pretty much everywhere on the field, except for the open space. I am not sure how he expects to score by standing in front of the goal the entire game.

56' Montero tries to chest it to a streaking Ljunberg. Not a bad idea. Another offensive movement by San Jose dies in Keller's hands.

55' Free kick to San Jose. No dice. Ball finds its way to Le Toux who nearly beats his man. Probably a slight push away from doing so.

52' Zakuani's shot goes right to keeper Joe Cannon. Riley is down on the field, but I did not see what happened. Comes back on the field.

51' Great off ball movement has been the key to Seattle's success so far. As Riley finds himself playing cross after cross, but can't find a Sounder's head.

50' Freddie gets a step on Antonio Rubiero, who drags him down. Yellow card for San Jose.

49' San Jose showing frustration with a few hard fouls. Threatening on offense but the cross misses Johnson's head. Le Toux holding well in midfield.

46' And we're back... and nothings changed. Montero's cross ends up out of bounds for a corner.

Halftime They should be up more, but also happy about how they played... 1-0 at halftime and a dominant Seattle side looking like it could have its first victory in a long while. Time for me to get a beer.

46' Yet ANOTHER corner for Seattle as Le Toux is released down the sideline by a beautiful ball from Riley. Corner played shot but no delivery in to the box.

45' Another corner for Seattle. No good.

44' Best chance of the day for San Jose is shanked by Huckerby.

43' 1-0 Sounders, they will be looking for another before half time. Card given to Evans for his challenge on number 9

42' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! Beautifully taken by Ljunberg as more sloppy play by San Jose results in a 1-2 combo from Le Toux and Ljunberg... slots it in behind keeper Cannon, who I think did get a touch on that one. Great goal, great pressure and really just horrendous play from San Jose's back line.

40' Nice ball from Zakuani to King down the line. Knocked out by San Jose. Throw in to Seattle. Johnson gets physical with Ljunberg

39' Waste of a throw, straight to Cannon.

38' Wow... SO CLOSE... PHENOMENAL play by Ljunberg and Zakuani results in a nice chance for Fredy Montero. Cannon makes a very athletic save. Corner is cleared away.

37' Fredy knocks heads with Romero. Romero goes down hard. Serves you right after that tackle on Riley. Foul, but no card.

36' A near magic connection b/w Ljunberg and Montero is broken up. They just haven't quite formed that partnership yet.

34' Finally a card as Riley is taken down by Romero Corralles (sixth of the year) on a poor sliding challenge. Play results in a cross, gobbled up by Cannon.

32' San Jose with a convincing move. Broken up beautifully bu Wahl. Shot by Ljunberg ricochets of a defender, but not the good kind of ricochet. Slows down and rolls right to Joe Cannon.

30' Nearly!!!! A bending ball from Freddie finds Montero's foot but not enough of it. Ball bounces softly off the post and into Cannon's hands.

29' More poor play from San Jose as confusion leads to a Seattle throw in. Zakuani beats one and then is dragged down for a foul. Ljunberg from the 25, left corner of the box.

28' You get the sense Seattle is going to score any time. Maybe Steve just needs to get a bit selfish and try to take it there himself.

27' Riley is playing so far forward he is nearly a midfielder tonight, as he loses it across the line for a throw. Zakuani can't get the cross in this time, but San Jose can't get the ball out of their own half.

26' Foul 30 yards out on Freddie. Riley's cross just a bit too high for Le Toux. Maybe he was looking for Jaqua.

25' You can almost see that hole in midfield left by Alonso as a misplayed ball by Ianni nearly ends up in a 1-on-1 for San Jose. Keller comes out astutely for the clearance. Foul to San Jose. Johnson nearly plays a slick pass to himself but well shielded by Ianni. Free kick to the Sounders.

23' More strong play from Seattle results in another corner. Le Toux should have shot that. Corner headed by Evans finds its way to Montero, hits it right at Cannon and skies the rebound attempt.

22' Horrid judgment by Cannon results in a shot for Stephen King. A tough one since he was off balance, but nearly winds up in the top corner.

21' Another foul drawn by Zakuani. Played short. Long Ball to Zakuani who again breaks by Leitch. Cross BARELY slides by Montero again. Sounders dominating with their 3rd corner already.

19' Zakuani running free down the left sideline is viciously body checked by Leitch. Really, no card?

18' Corner now for San Jose... very dangerous but played out. Seattle to the counter. Riley with a great ball to Ljunberg, touch to Le Toux who tries to find Montero streaking through the middle. Ball is knocked away but Monetero gets it back.

16' Dangerous by the Sounders. Beautiful buildup ends with the gross by Ljunberg caroming off a San Jose defender for a corner. Le Toux will take it, straight to Cannon.

15' Seattle seems to be content with skipping the midfield with long balls straight from the back to the front. It has not worked yet. King plays a slightly stupid ball back to Keller.

Near goal by San Jose there, but Ryan Johnson can't get control. To be fair, the services from Alvarez was well behind him. On a side note, Hurtado and Jaqua are sitting 25 feet from here, looking very somber.

12' Keller pounces on another loose ball and rolls it to Riley, played to Montero before the ball bounces back to Freddie Ljunberg. Sounders still in control.

11' Riley with a sliding challenge that warrants a yellow according to the official

10' Ianni with a hard foul in the midfield off a San Jose throw in. Long free kick gobbled up by Keller.
Le Toux is running hard after a decent ball by Marshall, but it rolls out for a throw.

8' Long throw easily cleared, now San Jose is attacking with some decent movement. Wahl tracks Wondolowski to the corner who is forced to pass. San Jose turns it over again.

7' More sloppy play from San Jose results in a free Zakuani on the left side of the box. Far post cross bounced off Montero or a defender... either way corner for Ljunberg is cleared for a throw.
6' STripped by Evans, who plays middle to Stephen King with a nice one touch to Le Toux who gets toe or two on it, but cant keep it.
5' Ljunberg dragged down around the 40 yard line.
4' Marshall picks out Steve perfectly on the sideline. Played back.
3' First move on goal swallowed up by Cannon, nice 1-2 combination from Ljunberg and Zakuani.
2' Ball getting held up in midfield, neither team really keeping possession.
1' Sounders ready to kick off. Montero looks like hes dancing the can-can
Long ball to Zakuani rolls out on the left touch line. Decent buildup sees Fredy lose it for a goal kick.

7:35 Teams are about to take the field. The Sounders players have gone in to a group huddle. That better mean they came ready.

7:30 Here come the two teams with the little kids in tow. I love this part. The best part is that the ones accompanying San Jose are in Sounders jerseys. I hope one of them kicks Arturo Alvarez in the shins.

7:28- Fred Mendoza is being honored with a golden scarf before the game. The Vice Chair of the Seattle Public Stadium Authority has been a huge supporter of bringing the MLS to Seattle.

7:26- Line ups are being read, but the stadium is still about half full, traffic was horrible on the way here.

Hey guys, it is a beautiful day for soccer in Seattle. The crowds are out again, waving flags, dancing and hyped up in the street like it was the Sonics in the playoffs. Whoever said soccer couldn't work in the United States needs to come and see this.

Feel free to chip in if you have any comments on the game.

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