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Kevin Goldthwaithe is The Worst Player in the MLS

- Goldthwaithe makes the matches he plays in demonstrably worse. He is slow, untalented, flat-footed, uncreative and just plain dirty. As long as guys like this start in the MLS, we will be regarded as a joke by the world soccer community.

Happy Father's Day!!!!

- Tyrone Marshall, our most experienced defender, has gone for an own goal followed up by a very poor clearance that led to the Red Bull's goal. Also put too much on a good chance late in the game. If he has been around this long and still can't avoid mistakes like that, he probably never will learn.

- Tyson Wahl, though he does not bring much to the offensive side of the ball, has developed nicely since his first game at outside back. He looks more confident and sure of himself and made several key tackles and clearances last night.

- Steve Zakuani met his match, Jeremy Hall. Steve needs to working on shooting from tight angles. With his speed he needs to be able to finish from those spots.

- Fredy Montero played hard, dangerous and smart for 90 minutes. The more performances he has like this, the more confidentially I can say: Montero is the most talented player in the MLS.

- 77' minute, Montero put on a CLINIC by taking on 3 Red Bulls, then beating the keeper. Unfortunately his shot bounced off the inside of the post and rolled in front of the goal. It doesn't get much closer than that. Nyassi should have done better on the rebound.

- Nyassi finally got some time. I really liked him in the first game against NY. He brings tons of speed and aggressiveness on the flanks.

- The clearance form Seattle defenders left a lot to be desired.

- It is tough to be upset about a draw on the road. Getting a point on the road is not ideal, but it is satisfactory. However, when you dominate a team, create a multitude of chances and then give up a cheap goal when your most experienced defender rushes a clearance for no apparent reason and hits it about 10 feet lower than he should have... yea... I am upset.

- I just wanted to say again that Kevin Goldthwaite is really, really bad. I am amazed he was able to stay on the field considering he fouls every time he gets beaten... which is quite a lot.

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