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If You Don't Want to Read Laurie's Personal Update, then Just Read the New Leftback Transfer Rumor

Hey, all! Long time no...whatever. Thought you'd be interested in this new rumor, courtesy of "Neemtree" on the Goal Seattle forums.

Saw this link posted on another board Leonardo Gonzalez is Costa Rican Left back/winger he's 28 and has made 59 appearances for the Costa Rican National Team. If this is true it would be a solid pick up. I believe Gonzalez's back up for the Costa Rican National team is Gonzalo Seagares for the Chicago Fire, one of the better left backs in MLS. This could be a big upgrade at what I think is one of our weaker positions.

I'm not much of a Spanish speaker, but my guess is that "lateral izquierdo" is the same as the French "lateral gauche," or, in other words, a leftback. We could use one of those.

(And for the rest of his life, Zach Scott will be kicking himself in the abs for the latest injury. I think he coulda been a contender. And USL Sounders fans says: Sigh.)

And that's it for my Sounders news. If you're not interested in Laurie's personal life update, please stop reading here, and thanks for stopping by.

For those still here, I've been thinking for the past couple of weeks that I owed an update to everybody who's expressed interest/affection/concern over my son's situation. Because as things ended, I kind of left you in the middle of the movie, where the heavy-breathing guy with the knife is outside the door, and the heroine is frantically scrambling for something to defend herself with, and you have no idea how this is going to end, but the music suggests not well.

But I am happy to tell you that my news is good. My son had his initial surgery a few weeks ago (which was successaful), and since then all of the numbers that are supposed to go down have been going down. (And the mom says: YES!!!)

We're still looking at about six weeks of chemo, but after that the doctor is saying that there's no reason to think that this will not be the end of it, forever. (Forever being a huge word in the cancer treatment world. A word which they haven't actually used, but certainly have implied.)

Or, to continue the movie metaphor, the heroine has now bashed the psycho knife guy in the head with a baseball bat, and escaped the house, and made it to the street where the handsome cop will soon be arriving.

Or, in soccer terms, my team is a goal up, and the 90th minute has come and gone, and we're three minutes into the four minutes of stoppage time, and the ball has just gone out for our team's goal kick.

So things look really, really good. But as any longtime soccer fan knows, this is not the time to stop your prayers/positive thoughts/supplications/sacrifices to the footy gods of your flat soccer balls and old shinguards. (Which you don't mind making, because they got shoved into a bag after the last rainy game three months ago, and now they smell funny.)

Or, in other words, anything you've been doing on my son's behalf, please keep doing. Thank you.

And I can't tell you how much it meant to me to get positive comments and personal emails after I posted my news. Cancer is a challenging thing, and even when you have wonderful family and friends (which I do), they're all at least somewhat involved in the story and have their own issues and emotions to deal with. Receiving support from total strangers has been huge for me. There is no way for me to thank you.

(And I just had to grab an old, icky napkin to wipe my eyes. Thanks so much.)

And so, in closing, if you're at a Sounders game this summer and see a big, beefy bald guy with swastika tattoos and multiple piercings...

Well, I suggest you run like hell. Because that doesn't sound like my son at all.

(Truly, though? Thanks for everything.)

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