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So Here's the REAL Reason that ACES Hate Us

If you're looking for actual team news, I'm pretty sure that Steve will be back with game-related stuff very, very soon. In the meantime, I have some utterly trashily humorous news for you.

(Oh, don't thank me. It's what I do.)

Okay, so you remember ACES? The "Any Club Except Seattle" losers? The people who don't support a team, they just hate on ours, despite the fact that we haven't actually done anything to them? The people who think it's just peachy keen to create "humor" out of sexual assault allegations? The guys who created this scarf?

Yeah. Those guys.

Interesting discovery here. "Jessemt" over at the Goal Seattle boards has discovered that when you google "ACES Portland," you come up with the following little nugget. Seems that there is a Portland ACES meet-up group!

Yes, a meet-up group. And what is the purpose of this group, you might ask?

Meet others whose sexual orientation is asexual (experiencing no sexual attraction).

So...Damn. No WONDER they're so cranky!

I How 'bout those Sounders?!?

(Sorry, sorry, sorry. I don't know what gets into me sometimes.)

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