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Our Very Own Jarrod Smith is one of the Top Ten "más guapos" in the Confederations Cup

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First, I would like to start with what is becoming my standard Sounders "hottie" (shudder) disclaimer, as originally expressed in that Brad Evans Cosmo Girl thing.

The day I think of one of our young players as a "hottie" is the day I gouge out my own eyes and chop off my blogging fingers.

Got it? Good. Because I'm way too damn old for this kind of thing.

However, I do know that this blog has a number of younger female readers, and therefore I feel it is my duty as a blogger to inform you that our very own Jarrod Smith has been chosen as "Top Ten: los más guapos de la Copa Confederaciones" by the Spanish-language website Proposa.

I also need to tell you that he's #9. Which kind of offends me. But at least he beat Xabi Alonso, right?

Wait. Xabi Alonso's on the list? What the hell?

I I have never given this kind of thing any consideration and have no idea what they're talking about.

But anyhoo. Congratulations, Jarrod. Way to represent MLS.