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If You're Watching the Portland-Seattle USOC Game, Leave Comments Here!

Those of us not lucky enough to be in Portland tonight are watching FSN closely because we really, really want the Mariners game done before 7:00.

Looking good at the moment. Last I checked, it wasn't even 6:00 and it was 7th Inning Stretch time. Now I'm just hoping the Ms don't come back and tie it. Love you guys, but not as much as the Sounders. Especially tonight.

This is a BIG game for both teams. Roster according to Seattle Times:

Riley, Ianni, Hurtado, Wahl
Nyassi, King, Vagenas, Sturgis
-----Levesque, Le Toux------

Don't know about you, but that central midfield makes me all kinds of nervous. I hope I'm wrong, and that Le Toux isn't spending all his time back defending when we need him working with Roger up front. I'm also not sure about Sturgis. But I hope.

Oh, also, read somewhere that Michael Fucito made the trip and could get a shot tonight.

Not sure if Steve will be showing up here to liveblog. I could do it, but I'm not sure my nerves are up to liveblogging. So I'll just hang out here and leave comments. If you're watching the game, stop by and keep me company.

Game is live on FSN (assuming the Mariners game is over) or on your computer at

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