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Live From the Press Box: Sounders FC vs. Houston Dynamo

There is the final whistle and Seattle has done it. 2-1, or if you read the game preview, the exact score I predicted. This is the first one I got right all year and officially the best day of my life.

90+4'- All Seattle has to do is hold on now. Possess the ball and not give it away like Riley just did. Fredy is off the the races, plays it wide to Le Toux but the final ball is not good enough.

90'- Very unprofessional foul from Kamara. Yellow card and Freddie is wasting away Houston's time. He should too, pathetic foul by Kamara. Should be a red. Freddie comes out and is walking quite slow. Levesque is in. 4 minutes of extra time.

89'- Ianni doesn't let Kamara turn, who had the ball in a dangerous position. Houston is making its last stand here, scrambling for an equalizer.

88'- Corner for Houston. Nearly an equalizer but it looks like Keller got a finger or two to it. Wahl heads the ball across the middle of his own goal. Not too smart young man.

86'- Great tackling from Houston's Erik Ustruk. Montero needed to get a shot off there. Seattle fans area really tearing into Waibel... I hope they don't know hes from Portland or that might make things worse.

85'- Now back to Houston. Waibel is hearing it Hurtado plays an ill-advised ball half way back to Keller, but King is around to clean up his mess.

84'- Great idea from Montero who tried to slip Freddie through. Just broken up by James, who seems to be single-handedly keeping Houston alive in this game. Out for an attacking Seattle throw.

83'- Corner played short. Ashe too fast for Ljungberg. Side note: Houston had two shots in the first twelve minutes and no shots again until the 80th.

82'- Jaqua winds up and shoot but it deflects off the defender, who did not really know too much about it. Corner. Freddie pumps up the crowd.

80'- Attack looks good but the final ball is too far away from Montero. Save from Keller making it look easy.

79'- Waibel knocks over Ljungberg, and Freddie is not happy about it at all. Actually, Waibel hit Freddie in the head with the ball... mature...

78'- Houston with a bit of possession now, but not really going anywhere.

77'- Kamara drags Riley down. Foul on Kei.

75'- Onstad gobbles up the cross from Freddie. A nearly moment for Houston. Kamara makes a far post cross that is too high for the lil' guy Ashe.

74'- Foul on Vagenas, his 97th. Great move here from Seattle. Ljungberg in the box... great steal by Julius James who has been very impressive today. Todays attendance: 32,404.

72'- Seattle fans want a penalty as Freddie goes down, but no chance they give that penalty there.

71'- Montero slips through on the right side but waits too long to shoot. The angle was already closed. Throw in Seattle from the kick save. Fredy just megged Waibel wayyyyy too coldly. Yellow for Waiebl who pulled him down.

70'- 8, 9, 10 passes in a row for Seattle, but cough it up in a dangerous place. Jaqua misreads the ball from Freddie.

69'- It misses everyone's head, but nearly goes in at the far post.

68'- Foul on the left flank. Ashe takes down Wahl. Free kick Seattle.

67'- QWest is rocking. Eveyrone seems to be chanting and clapping.

65'- Peter Vagenas receives a yellow card for something or other.

63'- Houston really does not like Peter Vagenas. He is being shoved, tripped and knocked over every time I look at him. Good, let them waste their energy.

62'- Seattle pushing Houston back again until Montero loses it. Throw in Seattle. Sub for Houston, their third. Oduro is out, Akinbiyi in.

60'- Le Toux caught offside on the break for Seattle. What a shame.

59'- Boos raining down but Chabala must have been hurt as he comes off for #6 Erik Ustruk.

58'- Seattle keeps up the attack. Riley plays a ball to Jaqua who skies the shot over the crossbar. So close. A man is down for Houston, or just a man buying time as Seattle really seems to have taken over the momentum in this game. Freddie calls the Sounders in for a huddle.

57'- Ljungberg's free kick is straight to Onstad. Fredie breaks free but great recovery speed shown by Julius James.

56'- Sub for Seattle. Zakuani is coming off and Le "I like to run" Toux steps on to the field to a hearty cheer. The guy in the press box just called him Steve Zakoony....errrrr.

55'- Hand ballon Oduro. Vagenas and Oduro still having a little pushing match. Chabala latches on to Montero on a give and go. Free kick Seattle.

54'- Sub for Houston. Danny Cruz for Brian Mullan.

53'- The official ruling on Ianni goal is in: it was a tricycle kick, not a bicycle. Montero tries to spit two defenders but fouls Chabala as he dispossesses him.

52'- Poor shot from Oduro... way too high and form an impossible angle.

51'- Played all the way back. Really trying to control the ball here.

50'- Attacking throw in for Seattle.

49'- Seattle really attacking Houston now, possessing the ball, switching the field.

48'- Through ball to Freddy who plays a nice ball in the box but broken up by Julius James. Good corner but no goal this time.

46'- Corner already for Seattle as Onstad has to come out to break up the ball to Jaqua. GOALLLLL Ianni just biked it... yup... biked it. Wow. 2-1 Seattle. Zakuani heads it down, bounces up to Ianni who calmly puts it past Onstad.

Half-time: Well, we should feel pretty good about 1-1. Houston is showing it defends well even with its backup central defenders. Montero's goal did not cross the line, but it was called a goal and that is that. Houston is an extremely efficient team on attack, nothing too fancy of quick, but they are capable of passing us, and probably any other team in the MLS, to death.

45+1'- Houston on the attack but can't find a shot.

45'- Good ball from Oduro, but no one is there at the far post to bury it. 1 minute added on.

44'- Zakuani finds Montero's head who can only push it backwards. A foul is called on Jaqua as he roughs up the defender. Free kick Houston

43'- Attacking throw in results in a shot. Steve's shot is saved by Onstad off the post. Now yellows are flying as Hurtado and then Riley are each shown the card.

42'- Freddie running hard through the middle but loses it. Barely. Throw from Keller starts the attack.

41'- Hurtado with a beautiful diving clearance.

40'- The ref is giving a warning as Oduro and Vagenas are not being too friendly to one another. Great play from Zakuani but where was the trailer?

39'- Freddie on the attack, plays out wide to Jaqua. Jaqua back to Freddie, who plays it middle but no one is there. Montero barely missed a 360-volley.

38'- Nearly a second goal from Brad Davis but it finds its way into the top of the netting. Talk about diving. Kamara goes to ground. Foul called on Vagenas.

37'- Attacking throw now for the Dynamo.

36'- Another corner for Houston. Ianni clears it off the post and Jaqua gets in the way off a second cross. Another dangerous ball towards Oduro picked up by Keller.

35'- Corner for Houston.

34'- The game is stopped now so the ref can listen to the Houston bench wine.... like they're really gonna turn over the call?

31'- GOLAZOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Wow... a GREAT ball from Jaqua on the wing is deftly controlled by Montero who hits a low shot passed Onstad. Wow... it DID NOT GO IN!!!! The linesman called it in though. 1-1. The chest trap alone makes it valid.

30'- No one there on the end of Freddie's corner. Throw in Seattle. Houston is playing so compact and really using their counters well. I know Dustin might get mad, but the ref missed that one. Wahl and Kamara get into a little struggle and he blows it Houston's way.

29'- Montero goes down in the box trying to draw a penalty. Not even close amigo. Cross form King is deflected out for a corner.

28'- Cross flashes in front of Onstad who gets a hand on it. Cleared away by James. Soudners till with possession but Houston refuses to crack.

27'- Goal kick.

25'- Hard tackle from Vagenas but a free kick given to Houston right outside the box. Dangerous spot. He might have been lucky to avoid a card there. So close.

23'- Dangerous free kick for Seattle from the left flank. Nothing doing.

22'- More excellent defense from Houston as Jaqua is jostled out of position on Freedie's through ball. Then Montero takes on half the Houston defense and plays a one-two of Ljungberg... Onstad charges well and clears it for a throw.

21'- Nice tackle from Mullan to dispossess Zakuani.

20'- Attacking throw in for Seattle as Zakuani beats Mullan down line. Montero gets a shot but form a tough angle and straight at Onstad.

19'- Throw in for Houston in their own third.

17'- Now some more possession for Seattle. Putting the pressure on the Dynamo now. Good through ball idea from Montero for Vagenas. But it comes up short.

16'- Kamara loses a penalty, but the Sounders are getting pushed back and back. Finally get out with a beautiful run from Zakuani. Should have shot but passes it instead.

13'- Riley nearly catches Onstad sleeping. Corner.

12'- Goal Houston. That is twice Ianni has give up the ball in the box. This time Houston converts on a low strike from Brad Davis. Assist to Brian Mullan.

11'- Nearly a slikp up from Waibel.

10'- A little pushing match starting between Vagenas and Kamara. Let's see how that develops.

9'- Kei Kamara is soooooo huge... wtf is up with his hair though? Its like there is a little bean stalk growing out of the top of his head. Houston is attacking. His shot goes over the bar. Seattle is struggling to find their ryhthm or a way around the Houston offsides trap. 3 offside calls against Seattle so far.

8'- Nice diagonal ball from Freddie to Steve. but well covered by Houston. Offsides Houston.

7'- Seemingly a lot of space for the gigantic Kei Kamara, but Hurtado quickly closes him down.

6'- Corner for Houston. Keller punches it clear. Tough ball to deal with. Throw in Sounders.

5'- Offsides on Jaqua, but there is that Montero-Jaqua chemistry. Good trap sprung by the Dynamo.

4'- Wow. Ljungberg gets the ball around the 30 and plays Vagenas in. A beautiful slide tackle by a Houston defender dispossesses him but Montero picks it up and slides a cross through the box. No one near it.

3'- Throw in from an attacking position for Seattle. Houston on the attack calmly picked up by ianni.

2'- Early set piece for Houston on the right wing. Look alive Sounders. Poor ball. Broken up by Vagenas. Throw in for Houston. Wahl shield the ball well for a goal kick. Heads up play there.

1'- Zakuani and Ljungberg are on the wings. A bit tentative early from Jaqua as he misplays a short pass.

The teams are taking the field

The national anthem is seemingly coming out of nowhere.

And here come the teams. Sigi's lineup tonight is as follows: Keller, Ianni, Riley, Hurtado, Wahl, Zakuani, Ljungberg, Vagenas, King, Montero, Jaqua.

This weeks Sounder Golden Scarf goes to... goes toooooooo- I guess I missed it.

It is a beautiful day for soccer in Seattle. Fans are trickling in wearing their rave green.

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