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A Little Something from Chelsea's Michael Ballack to Get You In the Mood

I posted this over on our main page a year or so ago, but it seems somehow appropriate here, given that Chelsea's Michael Ballack was seen hitting the town in Pioneer Square last night with his buddy Andriy Shevchenko.

(As posted last year.)

I should not laugh at this Michael Ballack public service ad. AIDS is a serious topic. Prevention is important. And yet…

"On the pitch…you can play hard…and take risks…to score."

That’s it, Michael, baby! You take that Teutonic accent and you work those double entendres!

And it doesn’t help that he’s armed with a whistle in his left hand and a condom in his right.

(Because truly. What more does a guy need in life?)

But I don’t want anybody to say that we take this topic lightly. So go forth! Be careful! Be safe!

And don’t forget the whistle.

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