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Were You at the Game? What Did You Think? (Updated with Goals Videos)

Either Steve or I will probably do some post-game thoughts a little later, but for now I'm going to open it up to you.

Just a couple of things from my perspective first:

  • Chelsea's starters were warming up something like ten yards away from me. I felt like a little kid at Christmas.
  • I watched the first half from my season ticket holder seats at the 100 level, then swapped with some friends for the second half and went up to WAY back in the 300 level. I was surprised to discover that I enjoyed the 300 level seats just as much, and I could see the whole of the action better. The only problem was that I didn't actually recognize all the subs by the tops of their heads, so I had a hard time second half telling who was doing what.
  • Oh, right. Fredy Montero's only 21, isn't he?
  • But Sanna looked sharp.
  • Kasey seemed to have trouble with judging where the ball was going on the grass.
  • Coolest thing ever to allow so manys of the non-starters to play. Made my maternal area go all warm and fuzzy -- what a story to tell their grandkids!

More later. Now tell us what YOU thought.

P.S. Would you believe I forgot my camera? If you have any photos I can display, email them to me -- laurie[at]theoffside[dot]com. And if you can shrink them a bit to allow our system to better accommodate them, it's much appreciated!! (But if not, that's okay too.)

UPDATE: Here are the goals. If you're a Sounders fan, maybe you should watch with the sound off.

Sturridge goal:

Lampard goal:

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