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Liveblog: Seattle Sounders FC. Chicago Fire

So, a bit of revenge from Chicago who drew with Seattle in Chicago. A day of missed opportunities for Seattle but quite a game for Busch, who had maybe 6 saves on the day, several coming on one-on-one opportunities. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on the game.

90+'- Wahl whips in an early cross, right at Busch. Fredy Montero is down and Chicago took WAY TOO LONG to play the ball out. That is just poor sportsmanship whether Montero was hurt or not. Now Conde goes down with a cramp... a bit of gamesmanship perhaps? A corner for Seattle, and it's not quite over yet. Conde gets up despite his horrible injury. Throw in. Ball gets loose for Carr, man that kid is fast... but he fouls Le Toux. Game over, 0-0 draw.

89'- Roger Levesque replaces Nate Jaqua.

88'- Nyarko earns a corner for Chicago. Yikes, a good looking corner from Mapp... Prideaux's header rings OFF THE CROSS BAR.

87'- Le Toux has a good idea trying to play it around Segares, but the big man is not to be fooled.

86'- Justin Mapp let's one fly, but off target. Sub on for Chicago, Carr for Blanco... Seattle fans are screaming "FLOPPPPPERRRR"

85'- Headed off the line by Tim Ward. Ianni put it on goal, but Ward was there.

84'- Montero wins a corner for Seattle. Nice cross-field ball form Jaqua.

83'- 32,405 is today's attendance. Jaqua fights through a couple tackles but gives the ball back to Chicago.

82'- Seattle is just trying everything to score, it almost seems like one of those days where you aren't going to, no matter what.

81'- More attacking play from Seattle. Huge gaps up front but Riley's cross goes well over everyone. Interesting stat there, Seattle's latest goal all season came in the 77th minute.

80'- The clock is ticking for either team to take the lead. Wow, Montero OFF THE POST. Right off the upper 90 on a shot that seemed to hang in the air forever. Nearly, so nearly.

78'- Good ideas, but tired legs from Seattle on the attack.

77'- Montero getting a little bit too creative and loses the ball amid a sea of Fire defenders.

76'- Le Toux making a run right away but holds the ball a bit too long and then plays his pass to Montero short. Should have had a shot.

75'- Rolfe loses the ball and then is whistled for the foul. Le Toux is coming on for Zakuani, Schmid clearly looking for 3 points.

73'- Nyarko is open near post and Rolfe far post, but the cross flies over both of their heads from Brown.

72'- Montero finds a way to drag down a player twice his size without using his hands.... uhhhhhh okay.

71'- And now Seattle gets a lucky bounce, then another, but Conde makes a great play to clear the ball out for a corner.

70'- Chicago should have scored there. Nyarko made one too many passes. He should have had a shot. Rolfe then had his shot block instead of playing it to one of the two trailing players. Certain goal avoided by hesitant play.

69'- Foul after foul being whistled... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

68'- Segares saves a corner.

67'- Prideaux coming on for Chicago. You have to think that these circumstances favor Chicago to walk away with at least one point. Vagenas comes on for Sturgis.

66'- Falls to Jaqua who plays it back to Zakuani. Steve tries it again but Busch is more than equal to it.

65'- Free kick for Seattle from 32ish yards out. No Freddie to take it. Sturgis takes it.

63'- Zakuani rips one, but over the bar it goes. Good effort as someone needs to start shooting.

61'- Now Chicago looks like they have a renewed sense of purpose.

59'- Seattle's backs are pushed way up. Now Ljungberg is carded for flopping after megging the pants off Segares. Poor, poor call. Now, Freddie can't keep his cool, and is given a red... then pushes Ianni.... wow... not sure what anyone (referee or Freddie) was thinking there.

57'- Things are getting chippy as Ianni is given a yellow for his challenge on Blanco. Seattle needs to calm down and not compromise the advantage they have earned.

56'- Not, Chicago is a bit angry at Montero, who kicked the ball into Mr. Clean's face. Looked pretty unintentional to me.

54'- Thorrington is gone and he knows exactly why. A second yellow for a brash challenge. He didn't come in from directly behind, but not from the side either. That is a yellow no matter how you look at it. This could be the big game changer.

53'- Zakuani shows off his blazing speed by simply touching the ball around Rolfe, who has to drag him down for the foul. Ianni got his head to Freddie's ball, but it went high.

52'- Blanco's corner cleared bye Ianni. Another corner for Chicago. last touched by Jaqua. This one is straight at Keller.

51'- Well fought out and cleared by Wahl. Rolfe has a shot, but Keller parries it, making it look easy.

48'- Corner to Seattle their 5th. Wahl had a chance there, but couldn't really connect. Another free kick for the Sounders. Blanco looks perturbed.

46'- And we're off. No changes I can see. Jaqua gets the ball up high and then hits it really hard out of bounds trying to cross. it.

So, 0-0 at half time and Seattle cannot capitalize on several chances to take the lead. Let's hope for better the second half.

45+'- A nice ball from Hurtado to Montero, who tries and fails to get it to Freddie. Foul at the top of the box on Blanco. A dangerous free kick at the end of the half. My heart is beating.... Free kick is blocked and the whistle blows for the end of the first half.

44'- Hurtado showing his strength again, taking down Rolfe while dispossessing him. Rolfe should take his mediocrity and hit the weights.

42'- Marco Papa cannot beat Wahl, who goes to the ground to clear out a dangerous loose ball. Well done. Great ball from Husudic to Nyarko, who has an awkward first touch... goal kick.

40'- Handball and a yellow card for a real uppity and overexcited Thorrington. Calm down buddy.

39'- A yellow for Segaris after the foul on Ljungberg.

38'- Foul on Alonso, doing the dirty work.

37'- The free kick is straight at Busch. Wow, Montero plays a beautiful looping ball to Jaqua, his header is saved by Busch, who knows nothing about the rebound, but Nate plays it straight into his chest. So close.

36'- And there goes Alonso, with a blistering run down the right flank. He might have his health back. Montero is brought down for a free kick.

35'- Conde and Montero battling for the long ball from Ljungberg. Goal kick.

34'- Freddie tries to break out but gets a little bit ahead of himself leading to a Chicago attack. Blanco with another beautiful ball to Husidic, who can't do anything with it this time either.

31'- Seattle just looks like scoring at any moment now. Free kick in a dangerous spot for Freddie. Busch rises up to punch it off the head of Jaqua.

30'- Papa just refuses to be dispossessed. Chris Rolfe continues to be almost dangerous, but not quite.

29'- Sturgis not on the same page as Ljungberg there as he did not read the pass. That will happen when you don't play regularly.

28'- Not this again... Hurtado kicks the ball after it is whistled dead and gets himself a nice, shiny yellow.

27'- Wow... Seattle gets wayyy behind the Chicago defense with a perfectly timed run and ball from Alonso. Montero played it over the keeper but wide of the goal.

26'- Montero dribbles around a bunch and then loses it...

24'- More solid attacking from Seattle, but just when it looks like they will get in behind Chicago, the defense reshapes itself behind the ball. Shot from Jaqua blocked, he has to be quicker with that turn.

23'- Now Chicago makes their move. Beautiful, precise ball from Blanco... Husidic should have done better.

22'- Zakuani can't get to the ball from Ljungberg. Too much weight, or too much pace across the turf, or a combination of both.

20'- Now Chris Rolfe will have a go. Well wide and weak. Seattle's back line is full of holes right now, big Jamaican normally Reggae filled holes

19'- Conde much more careful that time, playing it out and keeping aware of where Montero was. Nyarko breaks through and plays back to Papa who just sneaks it past the far post. Too close for comfort.

16'- Montero is there to pounce on the hesitation by William Conde and nearly scores. Puts it over high from a tough angle and he was twisting and falling. Note to all MLS defenders: Montero WILL punish you if you hesitate.

15'- Rolfe is fouled on the right wing. Free kick to Chicago, looks pretty dangerous.

13'- Hurtado has his strength tested out by Nyarko.... yup, he sure has a lot of it.

11'- Seattle tried to get a bit too fancy on defense there. Just send it out for the throw boys. Sturgis breaks up the Chicago attack there. You never like to see Blanco with the ball at this feet in that position, but the Sounders catch a break from the pressure.

10'- Goal kick for Chicago. Wahl put a little too much weight on that pass.

9'- Zakuani tries to thread the needle to Freddie. Good idea.

8'- Beautiful work there from Seattle. Montero over the top to Zakuani, who backheels it to Jaqua, wide to Ljungberg. SAVED for a corner.... Seattle's fourth.

7'- Segaris gets his revenge. Free kick Seattle.

6'- Ljungberg with the b-slap to Segaris. That looked like it stung.

5'- Seattle forces another turnover in midfield. Jaqua goes down on the right flank but pops back up. Good hustle.

4'- Chicago looks a bit disoriented so far, hemmed into their own side of the field. Another corner.

2'- Freddie earns a corner. NEARLY A GOAL!!! It looked like Zakuani got his head to it and Jaqua got a toe poke on it. John Busch dove for it and ended up with a face full of post.

1'- Here we go, the field is glittering with confetti and the Sounders have possession in the attacking third. Ball comes in and a weak clearance falls to Alonso, who has shit shot blocked.

Nyarko and Blanco up top for Chicago, McBride is out for 4 months.

Ianni will get the start for Marshall today at LCB. Sturgis starting in midfield along with Alonso, Freddie and Zakuani.

This should be a great match up, a big East v. West battle. The last time these teams met was a fun one, a 1-1 tie after the Sounders went down to 10 men

6 MLS All Stars on the field: Ljungberg, Keller, Blanco, Montero, Hurtado and Conde.

First of all, just a shout-out to the London native/Chicago Fire fan I met at Mad Dog in the Fog in SF on Thursday. Glad to see MLS has fans over the pond in the UK. Big game today, let's see if Seattle can keep its 7 game home unbeaten streak alive.

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