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The All Star Game Poll: Will You Indulge?

Will You Be Watching the All Star Game?(survey software)

All Star Game is tonight in Salt Lake City Sandy, Utah. Four of our players -- Keller, Ljungberg, Hurtado, Montero -- are on the team. Will you be watching?

I will, definitely. Partly because my TV is in my basement, where it stays relatively cool. (Seriously, what is up with this heat? It was 77 degrees out at 7:30 this morning! I've been having to drag my 80-lb. lab outside by the collar, with him all stiff-legged and digging his claws into the ground and telegraphing, "HELL no! It's HOT out there! If it's all the same to you, I'll just pee inside.")

But heat aside, I'd be watching anyway. Up till last year I thought that the All Star game was just silly -- a way for MLS to say to the world, "Hey! Look! Our best of the best CAN beat a preseason midtable European squad!"

And, okay, yeah, it is that. But when I watched for the first time I also discovered that it's really fun to see the league's best players playing together, connecting on the field. They're actually really good, despite not having taken the field together except for a few days.

Kind of a preview of what could be coming in a few years, when every franchise is run like Seattle...

(Just stuck that bit in for you ACES types, because I like to see your eyes bulge out.)

(Oh, also because it's true.)

So yes, I will definitely be watching. Will you?

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