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Rave Green Links, PLUS the Real Cause of Freddie's Migraines

(Photo: SkySports)

Freddie Ljungberg was hospitalized with another migraine immediately after the All Star game last night. I blame Tim Howard. (Seriously, look at the photo. He's wrinkling the scalp. I don't think that's healthy.)

But hey. At least the timing's good, since Freddie has a two week "vacation" from league games to get this sorted out, right?


Changing the subject, I was just thinking yesterday that I have not done Rave Green Links in ages, and there is a lot of interesting Sounders stuff out there in the blogosphere. (Plus some in the mainstream news-o-sphere.)

  • First, speaking of Freddie, a very sweet interview over at the New York Times. (Spoiler alert: He loves us.)
  • And also speaking of Freddie and red cards, Mike over at GoSounders has a very interesting statistical analysis of how much we're carded vs. how much we foul/are fouled. I know it's just stats, but something doesn't feel right here.
  • And speaking more of Freddie and red cards, Steve Davis at Daily Soccer Fix has some thoughts about following up on Freddie's ejection. Did you know that journalists have the option of offering up a question to the referees about calls? Neither did I. And apparently neither did anybody who could have taken advantage of it.
  • Back to the All Star game, ever think about how you'd sum up our players if you had only one line to do it in? Don Ruiz at the News Tribunes shares Salt Lake's thoughts. (Bonus Seattle Offside points here to the first person who can tell me which Robert Burns poem I'm thinking of right now.)
  • If you're in the mood for adorable, this article by Jose Romero at the Times on the friendship between Hurtado and Montero is a must-read.
  • And over at Sounder At Heart, Dave Clark does what he does best: Bringing up things you've never thought about. (You know. Where, once it's brought to your attention, you think, "Oh, right. Wonder why it never occurred to me to wonder about that? But now Ireally want to know.") Current issue: the flags around the Hawk's Nest.
  • And Prost Amerika continues his record of overachieving by being first with a San Jose preview. (Warning: This game could have banana peel written all over it. But we hope not.)

    And while you're over there, be sure to check out his interview with Everton manager and fellow Scot Davie Moyes.

    Oh, and P.S. Steve? My weekends have not been the same since you stopped doing your Meaningless Statistical Previews. Just fyi

  • And last but far from least, over at Seattle Soccer Examiner David Falk has highlights from the entire season for the entire Puget Sound area thus far from 2009. (Plus a few videos from USL days.) If you've been a fan all season, you'll love it.

And that's all I can think of right now. If you have a link I should have included, please leave it in the comments.

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