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Montero Gets Called Up for Colombia. Which Basically Sucks.

Boys and girls, I have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is that Fredy Montero has been called up for Colombia and will miss some games.

The good news is... Um... Hold on a sec. Thinking...thinking...

Okay, screw it, I lied. When you're an MLS team, there is no good news when it comes to international callups. We don't recognize FIFA international dates, so we play our games without our star players. The end.

Okay, sure, having a full-fledged international ups a team's (and a league's) prestige, and theoretically ups the price the team/league will get when kids like Montero finally do leave. And that's something, right?

(So...yeah. Red Bulls. How're all those Jozy Altidore bucks working out for ya?)

Using my poquito amount of ability to speak espanol (okay, plus a lot of Google Translate), it seems that Fredy's required to report on August 2 and will be called up for the game on the 7th, thus missing the San Jose game and the Barcelona game, and probably the RSL game as well. He doesn't seem to be called up for the game on the 12th, but that feels kind of sketchy, given that there are only 12 players listed for that game. (Steve, oh speaker-of-Spanish, am I missing something?)

So for the San Jose (and possibly RSL) game we'll be missing both the Freds? This is not good. I thought we had a quota we had to fill.

Hey, what's Adu doing this weekend?

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