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All I'm Going to Say About the Jaqua Allegations

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I hate to deal with this again, but news of the allegations in the civil suit against Nate Jaqua are all over the place.

I won't rehash except to say: brutal allegations, two years after the alleged event, for money, not for criminal charges, and this was apparently never reported to the police or DA. If you're desperate to know more, I'll just link you to a BigSoccer thread that covers and links to everything, and also to the Jaqua family's response.

Make up your own mind. Or better yet, let's let it work its way through the legal system and cross our fingers that justice will be done. My guess is that this will go on for months, then end with a settlement and an "undisclosed sum."

Is this a great legal system or what?


From a team standpoint I have to think it's almost good that they had to go through the Montero thing. At least they know they can survive this. With luck it won't affect play on the field too much.

And now I'm done.