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Humorous Unsubstantiated Rumor Time! Is Freddie Ljungberg a Tightwad?

I shouldn't even post this, given that the link to it just randomly appeared in my inbox with no substantiation. Plus I really like Freddie Ljungberg and have been extremely impressed by how not-prima-donna he is.

But on the other hand, this has just enough innocent detail to have the ring of truth. Plus it's a slow news day. Plus I'm in a snit because I can't go to the US Open Cup game tomorrow, so I'm just generally feeling grouchy, which is never a good thing. Sorry Freddie.

This is from a blog by an outdoor-loving guy in Canada who is apparently named Steve. Thank you, Steve. You made my morning.

Yesterday I met a footballer, I didn’t know till a couple of hours later when other people I work with told me who he was. He was on a trip I guided with his girlfriend and right at the start two guys who were also on the trip asked me if it was Freddie Ljungberg, I had no idea… The name I’d been given was Karl which I later found out is his first name, his middle name is Fredrik. I ran the trip just like normal and spoke to all the guest including ‘Karl’ and his girlfriend, I didn’t ask him what he does back home, but he could probably tell I had no idea who he was. He obviously isn’t getting paid enough though, I got no tip.

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