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Sounders Unveil a Beautiful Piece of Commemorative Art that Does not Look Anything like a Lizard on a Toilet

So apparently Sounders and Dale Chihuly have paired up to create glass art to give to Chelsea and Barcelona to commemorate the games. These will go home with the visiting teams to remind them how badly they got thrashed in Seattle provide a permanent memento of their opportunity to help promote soccer in the US.

This artwork has been written up elsewhere, so I won't go too much into details. (Plus I just feel like giving David tons of link love today, because I am a thoughtful and generous person. Also, if the Sounders are going to be pissed about this post, I want a little deflection.)

So I will just give you: The Art.

NOT a Lizard Sitting on a Toilet Emerald Spire

(I do actually like the artwork. I just wish I didn't have such an active Rorschach test reflex.)

P.S. Go ahead. Admit it. You suddenly have all kinds of need to go to an art museum with me, don't you?

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