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Road Woahs: The Ten Most Shocking Things from SJ v. Seattle

10. Well, to start things off, 4-0... Did anyone see that coming? Seattle has not been the best team on the road this year, but to lose by that wide of a margin, to the worst team in the West, even with an own goal and a red card shows that... well... that there is parity in the MLS.

9. How lost we looked without Freddie Ljungberg in the middle. Seattle was obviously going to suffer from missing the "quarterback," but I did not think it would be that bad. It took the boys an entire half to start stringing passes together. The choppiness of the game did not help, but it seemed like Freddie would have thrived in the pace out there, but instead left a big, red hole.

8. Alonso's own goal:

7. James Riley's lack of discipline on his red card. That was a bad tackle, and he was obviously heated, maybe rightly so. The ref was not calling the little pushes and pulls, but he was calling it just the same on both sides of the field. His ejection lost the game.

6. The amount of Seattle Sounder's fans in attendance. There were almost as many green jerseys as blue, and they started off louder than the Earthquake fans.... that quickly changed after the own goal.

5. How poor San Jose keeper Joe Cannon's judgment and decision-making ability is, compared to how excellent and elite his reactions and reflexes are. By poor judgment, I am referring to not the one, but two times he tried to dribble around Le Toux instead of picking up the ball.

4. Sanna Nyassi does not play more. He tends to come on and instantly become the quickest and most crafty player on the pitch, which begs the question... why isn't he on it more? Someone tell Sigi he is not contractually obligated to bring Le Toux on as a sub every single game at the 70th minute... he could mix it up a bit. Maybe Nyassi will more looks with Montero off on international duty.

3. It is possible to pay $12.00 for a beer. At the stadium, which is Santa Clara university, 22 oz. Coronas cost $12.00. I just never thought I would ever pay that much for any drink with out A) gold or B) liquor in it.

2. The Sounders have not won a road game since April 4, but somehow remain in 2nd place in the West.

1. Sigi was caught "green-handed." As in, he was picking his nose and the camera got him. I cannot find the exact minute, but multiple people have told me it happened. No wonder we lost 4-0, he was preoccupied...

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