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Our Kingdom for a Centerback. Oh, and a Goal Scorer. (OR: Here Comes the Open Cup Final)

Jhon Kennedy Hurtado: Suspended.
Tyrone Marshall: Hamstring injury, will not play.
Taylor Graham: Ankle tendon injury, not expected to play.

So that leaves...uh...Ianni and whoever else can be drafted to play at Central Defense.

What do you think? Tyson Wahl? Leo Gonzalez? Zach Scott? Pete Vagenas?

Combine this with our inability to score lately and this scares the [insert word of your choice here] out of me. Even our experienced defenders have been having a hard time dealing with adjusting to how much Leo goes forward, leading to a lot of panic runs back on counterattacks. The only reason we haven't done worse defensively these last couple of weeks is that our opponents forgot their shooting boots too.

(Anybody search Lost and Found recently? I'm guessing there are a whole bunch of shooting boots there. You'd probably find ours, and Toronto's and Houston's.... If we could quickly and quietly ship them out to DC, we'd win for sure.)

But anyhoo. I don't even want to speculate on a potential lineup, because I'll just scare myself.

So I'll let YOU speculate on a lineup. Two questions: 1) Who do you think will start? and 2) Who would you LIKE to start?

Game's at 4:30 Pacific on Fox Soccer Channel. Question for anybody: We'll be at the hospital for a long day of chemo tomorrow and I don't think they have FSC. But my son will have a good computer connection. Any ideas for streaming?

(Also, I hadn't realized the team will get a minimum of $50,000 for this game. $100,000 if they win. How much of this goes to the boys?)

(Also #2, for Dustin. What does Ref. Mark Geiger mean for the game?)

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