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A Video to Make Us Look Forward to the CONCACAF Champions League

This video has nothing to do with Sounders, except that we'll be doing the CCL next year. Plus it was a great game for an MLS fan to watch. Let's hope we get a match or two like this one when it's our turn in the competition.

Some thoughts:

1) Does anybody else watch Houston goals #2 and #4 and think: DAMN. We need some of that. Refresh my memory here. Have we had ANY headed goals that looked anything like either of those this year? We're gonna need 'em next year if we're going to get anywhere in our multiple competitions.

2) About goal #1, though? The commentator got it just right when he said, "He's almost embarrassed to celebrate." Easy goals off goalkeeper errors... After Saturday, it would be kind of nice. Just once.

3) Check out that attendance and feel proud. And they were selling $5 tickets, too. I ask you: If your city's team were playing in an international competition, and the last matchup between the two sides resulted in five red cards, would you not be the tiniest bit curious about how it would end up? What the HELL is wrong with America?!?!?!

4) Forget this "Bring back Ching" thing. I think we could do worse than bringing back Cam Weaver.

5) Shh. Don't tell anybody, but I really like Houston when they're not playing Sounders, and I'm glad they're showing that MLS can compete in the CCL. Also, I think I covet Ricardo Clark. Plus he missed his penalty, so he'd fit right in in Seattle.

(And I mean "covet" in a purely on-the-field way, of course. And for the record, I think all male bloggers should be expected to include this kind of disclaimer too.)

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