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Freddie's Sleeping Arrangements, Saragosa's Ban and other Rave Green Links You'll Want to Read

(EDIT: Okay, so now that this photo is posted, I have realized that it's not going to necessarily be clear to everybody that those are cufflinks. CuffLINKS. And they're green, in a way that's practically rave. Got it? Rave. Green. (Cuff)links.)

Come on, people, keep up.

Some fun stuff from around the blogosphere that you'll want to take a look at:

  • First, great article by Don Ruiz about how, exactly, our Sounders travel. (Please note that Freddie Ljungberg is NOT a Beckham-esque prima donna and cheerfully bunks with a roommate even though not all DPs in the league do. There are designated players, and then there are DESIGNATED PLAYERS. Just sayin'.)
  • Silly Marcelo! You can't do that to Montero (of all people) and expect it to go unnoticed and unpunished! Or: Marcelo Saragosa has had his fine and ban doubled for that kung fu neck kick to Fredy Montero. He's looking at 2 games and $1000. (Watch the video here.)
  • Prost Amerika talks to Sigi Schmid about the pluses and minuses of playing sides not in contention for the playoffs.
  • The GoSounders guys have a table up showing what will happen in the league for the rest of the season. A great summary of who plays whom where.
  • Jose Romero talks with Brad Evans about adjusting to his new role as an off-the-bench player. (This kind of article always gives me a little twinge in my maternal area. Hang in there, Brad!)
  • And, for those fans of the "buy local" movement, (or, in cowboy terms, Catch 'em Young and Raise 'em Right) good news from Seattle Soccer Examiner: The Sounders Regional Training Centers are in business!
  • This isn't specifically Rave Green, but it's definitely worth a read for anybody interested in making MLS financially succeessful. It's an article by former Chicago Fire GM and current CEO of WPS's Chicago Red Stars about "Hiring and Retaining a Good Front Office Team." If nothing else, it will make you appreciate what Sounders FC has accomplished in its inaugural year.
  • And a late add: An interview from with our very own Freddie Ljungberg. Enjoy!

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