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This is Either the Best or Worst Season Ticket Renewal Campaign Ever

This is the best season ticket renewal campaign ever.

And by "best" I'm pretty sure I mean "worst."

Except I probably really mean best.

Although if by some chance you're going to click on the link and then allow it to load while you wander off to your kitchen to mash the potatoes -- a kitchen which is in earshot of your computer -- I would seriously consider hitting "Mute" first. Because otherwise you'll be listening to Roger Levesque singing "The Bluest Skies..." over and over and over again. And let's just say that Barry White sings better. (And he's dead.) Learn from my mistakes. Hit mute. Then renew your tickets.

Also? Be sure to click on all three options. Because it's kind of creepily voyeuristic ... disturbing ...interesting to watch Steve Zakuani put on his clothes (and then take them off again) in an attempt to get you to add tickets to your order.

Wonder if Kickette has seen this?

P.S. If they're involving Roger in the renewal campaign, they must be planning to keep him next year. Right? Because otherwise this would totally be false advertising.

(Crossing fingers.)

UPDATE: Okay, after watching each of these twice more, I've decided: Definitely best campaign ever.

UPDATE #2: Yes, twice more. Seriously, I could not stop myself. It was like Obi Wan had taken over my touchpad.

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