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Why "The Telephone Game" Is NOT a Good Way to Pass the Time During Matches

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Gonzalez: Psst! Hurtado! Offside trap! Pass it on!

Hurtado: Psst! Marshall! Um...Off the map! Pass it on!

Marshall: Psst! Riley! Er...Venus Flytrap! Pass it on!

Jaqua: Goal! Oh, crap!

Riley: Nuh-uh, Nate! I didn't catch exactly what he said, but it was definitely four syllables.

I was in the other room when the goal was scored, so I don't have an opinion on whether or not it was offside. Replay looked offside to me, though.

But I think the above is the true explanation of what REALLY happened at least once during the game.


P.S. What do you mean you've never played telephone? You know! TELEPHONE!