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Top Draft Slots on the Move?

There are few rumors regarding swaps of picks going around the' nets these days. The key actors are Dallas, TFC and the Philly Union.

From Ives we learn that Dallas may want to swap 1 or both of its picks. With two high first round picks on a team already stacked with young talent, they have to look at ways to get a vet or two because they have 6 GA players already. They need help NOW. Seattle may have the opportunity to swap some LB, CB, or CDM depth and the 11 to move up, and this is something into which Hanauer should look. This draft goes about 7 deep with players who can help now. I expect Toronto to be very aggressive in trying to grab one of those picks though.

From the Toronto Sun we learn that maybe Philly doesn't want Danny Mwanga in the end. Oddly they hurt his draft stock a bit through suggesting they would pick him, so he stayed away from the Combine and Tchani, Opara and Bunbury are lighting up the conversations there. Seattle and Real Salt Lake know Mwanga very well, and he looks to be the type that could start and impact in year one as a forward. He's also got a co-national here in Seattle in Steve Zakuani. Philly, as an expansion team, may be in more need of depth than they are of a single young player.

One of the coolest things about twitter is that Soccer Agent Michael Wheeler sometimes gives tidbits on his account that he's discovered as he researches to help his players. In this case it is the success rate of players by draft round or GA players by with college and without, here is a chart with that data compiled.

Category Success
1st Rd 93%
2nd Rd 33%
3rd Rd 50%
4th Rd 20%
Collage GA 90%
Youth GA 36%

The breakdown by rounds are based off of 2009's draft only, but should make it clear that the first round tends to have quality talent, and the other rounds are chancy, and great for either risks picks or younger players. For the GA players he included all, and does consider those that used MLS to move onto first division European leagues as a success.

At you can find the daily movings of players based on their performance at the Combine, but don't over relay on Sean or Ives data. The Combine is a four day event this year, and solid or poor performance there should not override the performance of a player during the past season or seasons at the college level.

If I'm Seattle, with their current needs and the nature of the draft I want a first round pick and only 1 of the 2nd or 4th rounders and the other I package for allocation dollars or to move up in that first round. Neagle, Fucito, and some trialists along with 1 lower round pick can compete for a Reserve slot where they won't play. If a U-17/20 player is available with Seattle's second pick I get them.

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