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Meta-Mock Draft

Rather than give you a mock draft when I haven't followed the dozens that were at the Combine, I thought I would provide a snapshot of the players that are in the range for the Sounders to pick.

Draft Slot






Zach Lloyd

Toni Stahl

Zack Schilawski


Amobi Okugo

Blair Gavin

Dilly Duka


Andre Akpan

Jack McInerney

Jack McInerney


Austin Da Luz

Andrew Wiedeman

Andre Akpan


Kwame Watson-Siriboe

Kwame Watson-Siriboe

Kwame Watson-Siriboe

You'll notice that its mainly offensive talent in that range. If you are someone who likes youth there's a chance that Duka could be brought in to learn the CAM, or the young forward Jack McInerney. With both of these players a Reserve League would be vital. They are not capable of stepping in right now at the MLS level.

Akpan did not have the best Combine, no matter who you read his stock has fallen, but a General Manager/Sporting Director who looks into those four days and weighs them more than his four years at Harvard would be making a mistake.

The main point here is to note that outside of Kwame going to the Fire, there is very little agreement outside of the number 1 pick overall right now. Opara's stock is falling as he has decided to graduate college. Tchani's stock is rising as he looks to be a stellar player very soon. Teal Bunbury is generally considered the 4th best talent in the draft, but outside of those four the mocks are a mess.

While it would be great for the Sounders to get a Generation Adidas player as they aren't on the salary cap books, it is important to remember that no Developmental Players are. There may be a few Seniors who are signed to Senior Roster deals, but if the Sounders get one of those it is because that after four years of college ball they are a known commodity.

I'm still on the Akpan wagon if he's available. I don't think a Combine should crash a player's value like it seems to here. From ProPlayerPipelinewe read the following about Akpan and McInerney.

Jack McInerney (Red) – overall disappointed – I expected that he would be a much better goal scorer.  He is going to take 2 years – if he grows, he could be a servicable forward (if he improves technically, too); from 1/11/10 (-); Not able to connect with his teammates.  He ended a quick combination with a bad pass Appiah; Needs to combine, create his own shot and hit a blazer; from 1/09/10 (adequate); received a beautiful nice high pass from Seamon that McInerney volleyed for a goal that was disallowed (off-side).  I liked how when Schuler toe-poked the ball away from him, that he ran across the field hawking the ball.  I was surprised that McInerney was so small (5′8″) – he looks so much bigger against U17 players.  He needs to finish the Appiah cross.

Andre Akpan (Red) – not a good showing from Akpan today; followed up on Stephens crossbar – was 1v1 with the GK and didn’t bury the shot instead took a touch that the goal keeper (name?) was able to stuff;  from 1/11/10 (adequate); Nice touch and extreme comfort with pressure.  Not able to beat a defender 1v1; from 1/09/10 (adequate); aggressively pressed the attack early (during the formation identification.  His touch and passing kept the opponent on their heels.

I love what PPP has to say about Portland product Collen Warner was well. I dream that he can drop to the Sounders in the 2nd Round. In fact if Seattle can get Akpan and Warner they will add depth for 2010 at two of their three most needed offensive roles.

Collen Warner (Green) – horrible in the first half (0630 Pacific coast time) – much better in the second as he was on his favored right side. Improved his stock at the combine. from 1/11/09 (+); He’s a speed player – who continues to be played as AM – UCLA hates Portland!  Quickness of play is going to translate well in MLS;from 1/09/10 (+); was a threat in the 2nd half providing good service to Yeisley. He looks quick and dangerous.  I want to see him at the RM where his precise crosses will be evident (where is Screech when you need him (Portland team mate).

We are just about a day away from finding out who the new Sounders are, and just weeks away from Training Camp.

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