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To Get You in a Draft Kinda Mood...

I would like everyone to please note for once I have used a bit of self-control and avoided all puns connected to phrases like "feeling drafty." You're welcome.

Just for fun, I thought I'd give you this from the MLS site as a reminder for those who think nothing good can come from the MLS draft:

2009 > Steve Zakuani, Seattle
2008 > Chance Myers, Wizards
2007 > Maurice Edu, Toronto FC
2006 > Marvell Wynne, MetroStars
2005 > Nikolas Besagno, Real Salt Lake
2004 > Freddy Adu, D.C. United
2003 > Alecko Eskandarian, D.C. United
2002 > Chris Gbandi, FC Dallas
2001 > Chris Carrieri, Earthquakes
2000 > Steve Shak, MetroStars
1999 > Jason Moore, D.C. United
1998 > Leo Cullen , Fusion
1997 > Tahj Jakins, Rapids
1996 > Brian McBride, Crew

Not too shabby. (Is any other shorttime MLS fan having a hard time wrapping their minds around the idea of Brian McBride being young enough to be drafted?) Of course, those are #1 picks. By the time you get to #11 it drops off substantially. But anyhoo...

Draft today at 11:00. I have steadfastly avoided studying the Combine stuff in the same way I don't shake my Christmas presents before the big day. (The better to be happily surprised/not disappointed.) I've just done general skimming of reading material -- to keep myself in a state of mild perpetual anticipation -- and called it good.

If you're not similarly inclined and want to get yourself revved up in the next two hours, here are some links:

Buzz Carrick rates the top 20 prospects. (Okay, maybe I shook this package just a little.)

(Wait. That sounded much cleaner in my head.)

Seattle Times: Jose Romero's blog post and newspaper article.

Don Ruiz at the TNT

Sounder at Heart is doing a Live Thread, currently covering the pre-draft wheelings and dealings.

Oh, and because I promised you Buzz Carrick's top forward prospects and then forgot, here you go.

Less than two hours now. I am officially giving both you and me permission to be excited.

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