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Freddie Speaks Up About His Status

Freddie Ljungberg's new post on his blog clarifies exactly what his status is for next season. Unsurprisingly, it's "unclear" and it all depends on whether there's a CBA and if there's a lockout. If there wasn't incentive enough for MLS to resolve this situation quickly, a top team losing a DP to Europe because of the labor instability should provide a bit more. Here's the relevant bit of the post:
During the winter there has been some reports in media about teams in Europe asking for my service, and as a Player it is always an honour when top teams are interested and evidently this shows that MLS these days is a very reputable League.

I have not made any final decision about the spring as a lot depends on the outcome of the new CBA and lockout threat in MLS.

Stay tuned.

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