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Tuesday Quiz: Guess Which of These Players Has Kids of His Own

All righty. Pre-season has officially started, which means it's time to fire up the blog again. To start us out, let's play a little game. I'll give you two quotes, and you get to guess which player is currently raising kids, and which player currently has none.

(That we know of.)

Quote #1:

I think when you’re under contract you’re supposed to be where you’re supposed to be for the team that holds your contract. And if something gets worked out, it has to be worked out with the club that holds your contract. You don’t as a player get your choice to say what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it."

And quote #2:

I’m having a great time and at the same time doing my personal pre-season training before joining the team. Doing some boarding in the mornings, then lots of running, sprinting and going to Gym followed by another 3 hours boarding in the afternoon. As you understand I absolutely love snowboarding[...]

I have not made any final decision about the spring as a lot depends on the outcome of the new CBA and lockout threat in MLS.

Hint: One is Kasey Keller and the other is not.

Oh, and also? Freddie Ljungberg didn't report to camp yesterday. But today in his blog he's claiming that it's all a big misunderstanding.

Just reading in Seattle Times that SSFC coaches doesnt know about my arrival, which surprises me.

Yesterday morning, before the Sounders FCs training we agreed with GM Adrian Hanauer about my future.

So nothing to do with him doing the Beckham DP arrogance thing.

At all.

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