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Fredy Montero - Too many touches

Sometimes flair and foot skills can stun the opposition and amaze the crowd. At their best these moves create space for a shot/pass or enable dribbling an opponent entirely. Often times they are really just opportunities to show off a little bit. But there is a bad case, and it isn't just about poor execution leading to change of possession, the bad case is when that flair slows a fast player down so much that they lose the opportunity.

When I think about the things that Montero needs to do to make that next step. This is issue #1. He doesn't need to try 5 or more stepovers in a single attack. Nor does he need to be come an expert at the volley. Fredy just needs to take a touch or two,maybe three and shoot or pass. He's actually fast when he wants to be, but the stepover inevitably slows him down.

The other area where he could improve would be in his tactical awareness. His inability to work well with Freddie Ljungberg was the biggest symptom of this. The clearest example is when he literally stole the ball from his own teammate. Hopefully having a second full season with Sigi helps this, because Montero has talent, and that shooters mentality.

Because he does shoot. A lot. More often maybe than some would like, but honestly with the offensive issues that the Sounders had last year I would have liked more players to take the imperfect shot rather than attempt to find the perfect one. He was right at the team average with 39% on Target and right at the team average in converting shots with 13%.

Next season Fredy won't be a newcomer. A s a known quantity he will need to take that next step forward, or two. As in season one he could make the adjustments and be one of the best forwards in the league, or he can continue to be adequate.

Offense: From distance, or in close Montero can and will shoot. If doubled he does a decent job at finding the open man, which is why he had impressive assist numbers. Montero does slow himself down enabling the opposition to plan their defense.

Defense: The least effective Sounder on defense. As the most forward player it was rarely his role to get back, and at one point his poor defense created a goal. But he could learn from his greatest defensive moment and apply more high pressure.

Set-Plays: Diminutive players generally aren't targets, and can't defend well either. Montero's opportunity on the set-play likely lies in having him take direct kicks at times, as he does have a powerful and capable shot.

Defining Moment: In Gillette Stadium Montero received a pass along the right touch and did not slow down, but just kept running. Finally a Revolution defender starts to approach. Montero noticed the closing defense and instead of looking for a pass, or showing some fancy technique he shot from over 35 yards out and nailed the goal.

Plus/Minus - 11  | 8
Plus/Minus Per 90 - 0.45  |  0.36
Productivity in League Play - 1.26
Productivity in All Competitions - 1.17
Ratings from Prost Amerika -  6.31 (8th)

Second +/- listed uses Climbing the Ladder's data.

Short Term Peak - Montero could peak as a top Forward in the League next year with some small advancements. Already an All-Star caliber player, there is potential for an MVP if he were to stay for 2 or 3 years. That isn't likely. If he makes those adjustments he'll be in Europe.

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    Thoughts on Montero's future or his performance in 2009?

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